“Enough is Enough” – Pochettino demands that the press stop twisting his words

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Mauricio Pochettino delivered a passionate speech asking journalists not to twist his words and instead report what he actually says, in the pre-match press conference ahead of the game against Newcastle.

A lot of news outlets have reported recently that the Argentine is happy not to add to his squad and some have even suggested that it was due to Pochettino’s unwillingness to sign anybody that the club haven’t added any players to their squad.

The 46-year-old also came in for criticism from some experts and ex-players after he was recently quoted to have said that winning trophies only builds egos. By the looks of it, the Argentine has finally lost his patience with the way the media is reporting his statements.

He came out today and warned them not to continue misreporting what he says, and spelled out what he really meant when he talked about being happy with the current squad or about trophies.

When asked about Tottenham’s inactivity in the January transfer window, Pochettino told Football.London, “I want to be clear with you and everyone, if you twist my answer like many times and manipulate my answer, sometimes you make me look ‘oh I’m so happy we didn’t sign’ and not win the Carabao Cup and FA Cup

“Enough is enough, I am happy to work with my squad, I am more than happy because I believe I have a good squad, but always I am open to add more quality because in football you always need to improve.

“You need to improve, if we can’t add I am not going to be sad, I am going to be happy to work with my players and young players and I am so positive that we can win without or with signing.

“When we compete in the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup, I want to win. I want to win for my CV, I want to win for my fans, for my players, for my family too.

“People get a bad feeling, not any manager or player, you know why players arrive in the first team? Because they are so competitive and want to win. I am in football because I want to play good football and not win? No.

“You need to stick with your way and philosophy or strategy and try to win how your emotions are, but from the first to the end, we are here because it’s about winning.

“We want to touch glory, what we want is touch glory, we aren’t here for business or because we want to win money, we start our careers because we want to touch glory. You know I think in our position it’s easy to talk but we are here to win and you choose your way to arrive to win.

“Some people say no, I want to play bad but win. No, you choose you way to play. Football, one philosophy, one strategy, playing with three centre backs or one centre, or three strikers, or without the striker, everyone wants to win and every single guy that is in front of some team is true.

“Football is a lovely sport and you can play football under the rules in the way you want. It’s because you make 20 passes, that is a beautiful football because in maybe an amazing counter attack and transition is a beautiful football too. Football is beautiful and then you decide in the way you want to play.”

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  1. All the ‘twisted’ and ‘misquoted’ statements attributed to Pochettino in the last few months have been taken from his own filmed and recorded press conferences, and he’s got no one to blame but himself if some of his words about ‘bravery’ and ‘ego’ have brought well-deserved criticism. Paul Merson said that Pochettino speaks in riddles a couple of weeks ago, and that’s putting it very politely – the truth is that he says whatever suits him at the time, from cheating is fine to trophies don’t matter, and then falls back on the old ‘I was misquoted’ excuse when the excrement hits the fan, and why people think he’s some sort of paragon is beyond me. His mentor Bielsa is a proven cheat, and Pochettino is very little better in my book.

    • If his English still isn’t good enough for him to say what he means after six years in this country, perhaps he should go back to speaking through an interpreter, and avoid minor misunderstandings like ‘trophies are just for the ego’ and ‘conning the referee is one of the skills of football’. I think he already knows what he’s saying though – he’s just not smart enough to understand the consequences, because he loves the media attention, and usually gets an easy ride in return (very much like Harry Redknapp in fact!).


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