A look back at the Everton draw – Good point or bad point?


Younes Kaboul

The words mostly being muttered as we descended the Paxton Road stand stairs at the end of the game were ‘tired’, ‘sluggish’, ‘never got going’ and ‘crap referee’ and that pretty much sums it up.

Lunch time kick-offs are always strange and this one had a downbeat atmosphere from the word go. The minute’s applause for Bill Nick, Eddie Baily and Mel Hopkins was enthusiastic enough (and very well respected by the Everton fans) however once the game started a general flatness on and off the pitch was for the most part the dominant mood. Everton’s no frills and unambitious attitude was enough to cause drowsiness even in the perkiest of spectators, our inability to regularly pierce a five man midfield and uncompromising defence wouldn’t have harmed the sales of ProPlus.

From what I recall Everton had no shots from inside our box, hoping instead that one of the many free-kicks awarded by fussy, yellow card shy and generally poor ref Mike Jones would lead to something, which it did after 17 minutes when Baines drifted one inside Gomes’ near post. Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart and especially Crouch were all victims of the more physical side of the Toffees approach but it was the latter of these who ‘created’ our equaliser when a Hutton cross unexpectedly bounced off him back across goal to an unmarked VdV who belted home from 8 inches. Crouch had for once managed to escape from the away team’s double teaming tactic but probably only because Jagielka etc had been distracted by the flapping of keeper Howard.

Crouch should’ve put us 2-1 up going into half time when he directed another cross from Hutton straight at the keeper. He was given a hard time in the second half by most fans which I thought a little harsh given the fatigue generally being shown behind him plus the treatment he was getting from the Everton back four plus the fact that the Everton tactics meant he was isolated for long periods in the game. Having said that, the fact that our best opportunities in the second forty five fell to his feet rather than his head shouldn’t mean that he didn’t get anything meaningful struck on target.

Our biggest plus point was a strong and disciplined performance from the returning Younes Kaboul.

Not a good point, not a bad point. Somewhere in the middle.


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  1. Good points and bad points. Couple of players showed their capabilities and a promising outlook, i.e Kaboul/Gallas, both had a steady good game, Kaboul can and should feel hard done by by Yakubu`s ability to fool a ref.
    Crouch worked hard, but again looked wanting in and around the penalty area, should have had a penalty in our first attack where Neville shoved an inflight Crouch, after that, Crouch looked like he was waiting to get the push from someone and complained to the ref for most of the challenges that were made on him. I feel the lone striker at home is not an option until we have a player that can compliment the play of Modders and VDV. Maybe the pace of Dos Santos is just what we are looking for to play that role with any success?

    Referee was an idiot, of which didn`t help, Neville used the confidence of knowing the ref was not going to book him, even after taking the legs from under Bale and from behind just after Palacios picked up a yellow for a first time nothing challenge, consistency in referees again raises questions.

    Two points dropped imo. Lets see what happens next Saturday at, you get nothing at Old Trafford.

  2. Not only did Kaboul put in his bit. BAE had a good game both against Inter & Everton.

    Its time that we seriously think of trading in PAV,Keane immediately. After JD recovers, give him 3 games & if he doesnt cope, let him go. Crouch stood in fairly well ( compared to the others). However we cannot prolong playing by trial & error & also claim to be top contenders in the EPL. Those that cannot cope must leave.

  3. Sadly comments like that from park lanen17 is exactly what is wrong with our club. Dellusional and totally unrealistic. Considering we are juggling champions league and premiership for the first time, this was a good draw. I guess the moron above also think it would be a disaster of a season if we dont finish in the top 4. Again get real and look at where we have come from, we have been mid table for years so any finish in 5th or 6th whilst playing champions league is a bloody good season, get back to playing championship manager if you cant face reality !!

  4. How come we had to play at 12.45 after playing in the CL on Wednesday….we're not exactly being helped by the powers that be at PL.

  5. Jim your comments are part right but sadly lacking in ambition our fans are quick to condemn some of our players because they type before they think. We have to finish fourth or better or we can forget keeping our good squad together not my thoughts but the mercenary thoughts of players and agents and other hovering clubs . This was a bad point make no mistake because we face Utd and no matter how much dept they get in will remain the Biggest club in the World in there fans Ferguson and the premier leagues eyes and the FA . Any neutral fan watching there energised game against Stoke could not help noticed two amazing things.Firstly Ferguson Laughing with the assassin Neville who goes faster the older he gets after his leg breaking challenge on Stokes most attacking player Ethrington who was giving him a torrid time twice badly tackled him leaving him carrying a knock for the rest of the game ..If utd dont win anything then there dept will come into the spot light and that will nott happen. Utd where playing with a tempo of the highest ordered by Ferguson who objected to the new target testing of players and also flew to Portugal to defend his one time right hand man for six years Queros who refused drug testers access to his players Nani and Ronaldo. Nani was sent home with a mysterious shoulder injurythe manager was sacked Fergie said he his totaly against drugs so why stop his players from the testers and who was this ex Utd man protecting . He was also at utd when Ferdinand legged it from testers who told Ferdinand that they where testing him . So this was why we should have won this game because Nani and utd will be well pumped up for there fat faced ex world class runner who has gone of the boil and sunning himself and building his muscles up away from prying eyes expect him to be flying when he gets back after he questioned Utds ambition. We tired but Everton and the new slim Yakubu who played at the back front and middle till his knee went lame never and its this secret ingredients i found out some Manager using that will stop us getting into fourth and the likes of Wigan and a injury hit Everton taking points of us tired or not

  6. If crouch had fatigue after all that closing down he done [not] shouldnt have played 1 goal in 15league game and 2 assists =crap and he easliy gets bullied of f the ball 30 bloody crosses must have headaches the others
    sick and tired of Harrys none tatics

  7. Look these guys are pro sportsmen, they are super fit or at least should be. I go Muay Thai training at a pro club and we have pro fighters who train 2 hours a day. They then go to work and do a full day. They train 6 days a week and once a month fight as well. They never look tired or jaded.

    Players should be able to play twice a week without looking tired.

    Just an excuse.

  8. I thought it was a useful point and on another day it could have been a win. We had the most chances. Soon someone is going to get ripped apart by this team. Defence worries me more. Hutton looks good, but BAE is hit and miss. Individually the CB's are good but we seem to put out a new pairing every week. We need to play two and let them gel. I would say Kaboul and Bassong. To me Gallas did not look aerobically fit on Saturday. If Gallas works on his fitness then Gallas instead of Bassong. We need Ledders and Dawson back soon.

    As for up front realistically who can we buy that is an improvement on what we have. Keane has to go in my opinion, may as well cash in on him. I would give Gio a full game against a lower team not Man U. Last chance for him, perform or go. Pav is a handfull around the box and a natural finisher to keep him. VDV is pretty much a striker so we need to think of him not at Midfield but as one of the strikers, You can't play him and then 2 upfront without losing either Modric, Lennon or Bale. Defoe is quality. Crouch gives more options.

  9. When Defoe is back drop BAE put Bale at Left Wing back and play Defoe advanced left with a licence to get in the box. Or VDV on the left and Defoe behind crouch. Bale will be very forward as well but he has the fitness and lungs to run all day so he should be fine getting back. 3 at the back is an option as well with Corluka clever enough to play that system. 3 5 2 would allow you to play all our best players at the same time.

  10. As a visiting Everton fan to White Hart Lane would just like to say I always regard a point at Spurs a good result. didnt feel the blues played very well on Saturday but managed to hold out. One of my favourite stadiums is the Lane and like Goodison when the place is up for it then it cant half get rocking with a great atmosphere. Be a shame if Spurs move stadiums but sadly thats football in its business mode nowadays. good luck for the rest of the season lads


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