Lawro predicts Spurs to lose at Everton


Michael Dawson - Tottenham Hotspur News

BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will lose to Everton on Saturday evening.

It’s usually a good omen when Lawro thinks that we are going to lose a game.  In reality if we do lose this game then we really are at risk of throwing away the opportunity of Champions League qualification – nothing less than all 3 points at Goodison Park will not be good enough.

Everton are in good form at the moment, but if we want to be a top four team then we have to be picking up results at the likes of Everton.

He told BBC Sport website: “Tottenham are stuttering a little bit and are having to get used to being without a few key players – Michael Dawson is the latest one to get injured.

“Everton, on the other hand, are unbeaten in eight games and we know how competitive they are against the leading teams. They will swamp the midfield and really get at Spurs.

“Spurs are going through a poor run that has killed off any lingering title hopes but I don’t think they have gone off the boil because of the talk of their manager Harry Redknapp taking the England job or even that this is them finished for the season.

“They have just hit the buffers a bit, something which happens to everyone.

“Prediction: 2-1.”

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  1. Phew, Lawro predicting us to lose. on’t think he has even predicted Spurs correctly so must mean we’re going to win. Cheers Lawro, cheered me right up

  2. “It’s usually a good omen when Lawro thinks that we are going to lose a game.”

    Thats funny because the best Omen Everton get from Lawro is when he predicts we’ll draw. Generally him saying we’ll win is a kiss of death.

    In summary, Lawro is sh*t at his job.

  3. “if we want to be a top four team then we have to be picking up results at the likes of Everton”…? It does not help when people make statements like this. It is a tough away game. I could say the same about Man City – who Everton beat a month ago – if they want to win the title, then should be winning this game… In fact, Everton have won their last 3 home games – vs Chelsea, City, Fulham. This is why he has gone for home win – plus we lost there last season too.

  4. Ha When i hear these predictions it makes me laugh not because i think there wrong or we wont get beat. No the reason is Everton where in trouble not so long ago of getting sucked into a relegation battle and we lent them there player back Pienaar. So why is Tony Gale and Lawro tipping Everton to beat high flying Spurs. Well we have lost to Arsenal and Utd by 8 goals to 3 our manager has been tapped by every othe manager players and pundit in the country. This was like having your wife tapped in public,Harry has milked this for every ounce with is love of the media circus. Has this affected our great season my answer is yes and this is why Harry was telling the media he would like to keep Aby but we cant afford him and if he stayed he would have to drop his wages Aby replied he has to give is country Togo a lot of money so he then could have been tapped by anyone of our rivals. This begs the question why would he help a team get in the Champions league if he could be back at City or even Chelsea and possible Arsenal again, This apply s to Harry Modric

  5. Although we had a great run in the Uefa CL last year, I believe that we nead to play at this level for at least four or five years to develop the level of big game winning that Arsenal, Liverpool and United have. Even the sick money that City have spent hasent guarenteed anything – yet.

  6. Hmm a post by dav spurs and he didnt mention energy drinks/boosts once. Perhaps he is off the red bull himself because there is actually some punctuation in there too.

  7. if spurs lose tonight, redknapp's job will be under pressure. I fully expect everton to win this game. spurs are on poor form only winning one of the last 6 games away.

    spurs are easy to score against as of late and I can't see things changing this evening. If arsenal and chelsea win and spurs lose then champs league qualification will be a major doubt.

  8. Harry your tactics are shite….I know you write like a 2 year old but dont use toddler tactics aswell. Get Bale on the left and Modders on the right and start Van Der Vaart at all costs. Moyes isnt the 1st boss to say we are best team to come to their ground but this counts for nothing if the points arent on the board. If we dnt qualify for CL it could be disastrous and we will need to rebuild again as our best players wont hang around. Get Hoillett from Blackburn and Huntelaar up front in the next window…oh and Messi while your at it too.


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