Simon Jordan has his say on whether Dele Alli should face ban


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Dele Alli, has been back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week after posting a controversial video on social media (Mirror).

The former MK-Dons player posted a video to his Snapchat account which showed him in a face mask with the caption ‘Corona what? Please listen with volume.’ The camera then panned to an Asian man.

Dele soon deleted the video from his account and issued a video apology to his followers and all those offended by the clip.

However, the story may not end there as Dele is reportedly now under investigation from the FA, with the Daily Mail stating that a suspension is a possibility. The FA have contacted Alli for an insight into his own observations.

Ex-Crystal Palace chairman, Simon Jordan, has now implied that players should not be sanctioned just for being stupid, or else half the players in the league would be guilty.

He said (talkSPORT): “Dele Alli thinking a subject matter which is causing great consternation and has basically shut down a country and putting that up as a joke is just pure and utter self-indulgence, ignorance and stupidity.

“But does that take you into the territory of being sanctioned because you’re stupid?

“Because I tell you what, we’ll lose half the Premier League if we go down that road of saying to sanction players because they’re stupid.

“While I don’t think the subject matter is humorous, I do think we have to get some context.

“I’m a bit tired of this offended for offended sake gang that’s out there that takes offence at everything. People seem to have lost their humour.

“I think the FA will fall into the category now because it’s politically correct too.

“What do you do as an owner or a club? Do you say to these players, ‘I’m going to stop you from going on social media, I’m going to censor your ability to communicate with the world’?

“They’ll be anarchy! You’re going to have players who don’t want to sign for football clubs if there’s a clause in their contract which says they can’t do social media.

“Whether we like it or we don’t, social media is a phenomenon that’s here to stay.

“The FA and the clubs have got to sit down and say we’ve got a phenomenon in social media that is a tiger by the tail, we need to a get a blueprint of what players can do and what they can’t do and give them clear guidelines and clear education, and then sit back and see how stupid and how destructive players want to be at times.”

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