Ex-Spurs star reveals when Harry Redknapp went ‘absolutely mental’ and dropped the first team

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Tottenham Hotspur have had some tough taskmasters at the helm in the past, with Mauricio Pochettino certainly ranking near the top.

The Argentine puts his players through a rather demanding training schedule each and every week, and if any stars refuse to get on board, he simply drops them.

One other Spurs gaffer who had no problem dropping big players was Harry Redknapp, who masterminded Tottenham’s first ever Champions League campaign.

Jamie O’Hara was a part of the Tottenham squad back in 2009 and has revealed a story about when Redknapp went mental at the first team squad, before dropping them for the following match.

Redknapp was adament that his players would not have a Christmas party out of fear that it would disrupt the Premier League season.

However, Robbie Keane disobeyed and organised a big shindig in Dublin for the team, something that did not go down too well with Harry.

O’Hara said (TalkSPORT): “I was at Tottenham and we’d organised a Christmas party. Harry Redknapp hated them and he was really against them.

“Robbie Keane had organised this big event in Dublin, and we all went there. Before Harry even knew what was going on we’d had the Christmas party and we were back training on the Monday.

“Harry pulled us into a team meeting in the afternoon and said ‘boys I’m just letting you know I don’t want any of you organising a Christmas party this year’, not knowing we’d already had one!

“On the Tuesday, The Sun ran the story of us all out in nightclubs in Dublin – literally everyone’s on the back of it.

“Harry Redknapp goes absolutely mental. He gave us the hairdryer treatment, and let me tell you none of us played that weekend!”

At the time, back in 2009, Harry Redknapp responded to the incident: “It will be dealt with, I promise you that.

“I wouldn’t like to say what I’m going to do but it will be dealt with and then we will move on.

“They’ve not been fighting or anything like that. You could go back over some of parties that other clubs have had over the years and tell a million stories.

“I haven’t had any negative reports about what went on but they didn’t ask my permission so they have to take the consequences, which they will do.”

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