Ex-Tottenham manager makes tasteless joke about Hugo Lloris injury

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur captain, Hugo Lloris, had a day to forget on Saturday as he managed to somehow hurt his team and himself in one moment of madness.

Just two minutes into the match, Lloris decided to attempt to catch a cross-come-shot from Brighton, rather than taking the simple and safe option of tipping it over the bar.

Safe to say, it all went wrong rather quickly as Hugo was forced to drop the ball rather than carrying it over his own goal line.

The Brighton striker beat the likes of Jan and Toby to the loose ball and tapped it home, while Lloris fell awkwardly on his arm as he hit the deck.

Medics were rushed on and Lloris was given oxygen before being stretchered off and sent to hospital. Spurs late confirmed that the captain had dislocated his elbow.

However, despite the severity of the painful injury, ex-Spurs boss, Tim Sherwood, still felt the need to make a cheap and tasteless joke.

Minutes after full-time, Sherwood said (BT Sport coverage at 12:30 – as quoted by the Mirror): “Listen, Hugo would hold his arms up if he could hold both up and say that, ‘that’s a mistake’.”

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  1. Hardly that tasteless, was it? In a world where the disabled are mocked, disabled children too, where people are bullied mercilessly on line, where vile people are everywhere, where the elderly and vulnerable are exploited by scammers! To pounce on an innocent, if not-that-funny, joke from a pundit who meant no more than light heartedness. Is Lloris disabled? Has he lost an arm? No. He had a painful injury, and as human beings we all sympathise, but occasionally make daft little jokes about it. Should we also withhold our nervous (ooh, that could be me) titters whenever a batsman gets hit in the ‘box’ by a cricket ball? How cruel of us, but strangely it’s not, in what can be a genuinely cruel world. Sportsmen recover, most people recover, and Lloris will too. But you know what, Lloris would have found it funny, and bantered back to Tim, probably. In an increasingly humourless world where cynicism and nastiness is increasing, along with the new fascism of ‘political correctness’, we should savour the innocent jokes aimed at ‘ourselves’ or those close to us, whether they are funny or embarrassingly flat.


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