Excuse me Spurs, where are our summer signings?


Ok, so this is just a rant which I imagine the majority of fellow Spurs fans are currently thinking.

The new season is edging closer and where are our new signings? Ok, so we have signed Sandro who is a defensive midfieler and we already have Wilson Palacios and Tom Huddlestone who can operate in that role.

Last season everyone at the club worked their socks off to get us where we want to be – the Champions League. I still remember vividly the frenzy in the away end at Eastlands when Peter Crouch nodded in the late goal against Manchester City which cemented our place at Europe’s top table of club football.

So why are we now deciding not to spend on bringing in some proven players with a Champions League pedigree? Are we short of money, or is Daniel Levy just playing it safe and waiting to see if we can navigate our way into the group stage?

Redknapp has hinted that he’s looking mostly at the loan market – but who is available on a loan deal who can do a better job than we’ve already got?

We all know the sort of money City have been spending this summer and there’s no way we can compete with that. Liverpool have a new boss in Roy Hodgson and should be in for a better season – it’s going to be a tough test for us to finish in the top four again, especially with the amount of games we could face.

It would just be nice to go into the season with a proven centre-half to allay the fears over King and Woodgate, and throw in a midfielder and striker too.


Pip Barlow

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  1. Levy is just being his usual tight-fisted self. We could easily have got Cole if he wasn't doing his usual penny pinching act.

    • Oh u think we should pay him a £100.000 a week levy is the smartest chairman in the league and want let harry do to us what happened to the spammers or portsmouth glad your not running our club

      • It's amazing the short memory some spurs fans have. CL qualification is the first real success we have experienced under Levy. They forget all the year's of non achievement we have had to suffer under him while his own profits have been building nicely. Think of the number of players we have missed out on due to his tightness. Ashley Young is one to point to. We could easily have got him but we lost out to Villa and can't afford him any longer.

    • We never needed Cole, his place is coved by Modric, who would u want ?? He will be ok for a few games 4 liverpool before they see what a dud they have bought just like Chelski did.

    • And when his diligence comes through in a couple of seasons, with clubs not being able to spend money that they have not got and we can, eat your words. Typical dreamer, never satisfied. Do you remember Alan Sugar? Without him, you would be supporting another club…..Levy will never let us get into that position again.

  2. It's OK to rant, we all do it now and then, but what players and in what position are you referring to? at what cost are they available at? and are their clubs willing to let these players go at a a price Spurs can afford?, if they are will the said player leave for a salary that wont break our wage structure? All these the questions and more will be answered in time..I hope

    • Who apart from Chelski and Man Ciky r buying, even Madrid and Barcelona have no money so they r not buying. Plus players did not exactly set the world on fire at the WC, so who would u pick?? Most don't want to move to the UK anymore and there are just poor pickings amid the English players – times must be bad when people think Milner and Cole r good …


  4. yeah i agree- it seems that every time we get a chance to build on success we kinda let it pass us by. It would be nice to get some players in and if we dont get some defenders in (CB and LB namely) then its outrageous really. We desperatley need LB to replace ekkoto, CB to replace woodgate/king, a world class striker and possibly a midfielder- thats 4 players, not 3 Harry!

    Sell Defoe (he is rubbish i dont care what any spurs fan says), Hutton, Ekkotto, Jenas.

  5. Calm Down dear boy. Every season is the same, Harry has already told us, the market is like a domino effect. As soon as a big one goes through (most likely the James Milner transfer) thats when we will see some activity.

  6. how right you are mate… we need a few peps in the squad to freshen it up a bit …. dont understand why we havnt got somone yet . .

  7. There are very few clubs that are activive in the tranfer market. Its probably a wait & see approach from Levy's point of view. I would like to see Spurs achieve their goals by spending wisely on the transfer market & not getting trapped like the big spenders. We have been bitten in the past by spending & not achieving.
    Previous years results of the top 4 shows that not all were achievers. There are lessons to be learnt & this may be the strong point with Spurs by not buying wily nily

  8. Calm Down dear boy. Every season is the same, Harry has already told us, the market is like a domino effect. As soon as a big one goes through (most likely the James Milner transfer) thats when we will see some activity.

  9. Redknapps comments on getting in loan players smacks of desperration, wake up Tottenham were in the Champions league. Start acting like one off the big boys or forget ever competing again.

  10. i wouldnt be surprised if we see a few loan signings with a possible 'marquee' player come in should we get through CL qualifying round. who that'll be i have no idea. 'Arry does sometimes make a rod for his own back by doing everything in the papers mentioning every player under the sun, then it frustrates the fans when it doesn't come off. i can see us ending up with micah richards and craig bellamy with JJ, bentley,hutton and keane heading out. i'd love to believe it but i dont see the likes of van der vaart, bastos or fabiano heading to WHL any time soon.

  11. The ironic thing is that Spurs have spent more on transfers since last season than all other Premiership clubs barring City! Just that it is on one player. Are we lacking ambition? Why are the 'big four' taking up free transfers? Are they lacking ambition? Relax guys, Redknapp was looking to loans because Gudjohnsen was a successful loan. Why not? People have been calling for us to buy Bellamy (not me) to get a season or two out of him – that may as well be a loan.

  12. Do any of us really KNOW FOOTBALL?? Look at the market?? LEVY IS A TOP CHAIRMAN……..TIMES ARE A CHANGING…….CLUBS APART FROM CITY, ARE PAYING BIG 4 PLAYERS & PAYING HUGE WAGES….FOR ALL THOSE WHO CLAIM LEVY WAS SLOW: regards Cole- if Cole was put on 90 k pw wouldn't that have destablised the team especially if others were clearly out performing him- then you'd get host of players demanding equal parity= Defoe, Keane, Modric,etc or at least their agents would be! Then we'd be paying Top 4 wages when we are NOT A TOP 4 CLUB only a club that reached the Top 4. WAKE UP! We have a big squad we ought to sell b4 we look to buy big.

  13. Our fans have short memory's and don't realise what we could have achieved last year . Only for a dodgy Wembley pitch and some bad injury's and shock results all with world class Goalkeeping displays . We could have won the Cup and finished a lot nearer Chelsea. Lets look at why we lost to Wolves twice Stoke drew with Everton when we had the last min penalty saved a late goal at Birmingham that would be 13 points or if you take the ones we should have won Everton and Birmingham 6 points . All this was achived with some bad injury's Modric Lennon Woodgate King off and on Kranjcar Jenas . Also these squad players on loan Dosantos Keane Hutton Ohara and Pavlyuchenko not playing for a long time . So our season was remarkable and if we dont sign any players to sit or take the place of our present Squad then it would not bother Me Dosantos Walker Ohara and our emerging Kids are like new signings to me and the ever improving Kaboul. So don't worry because with all this squad on board we can still compete and you never now like Bale did one of our youngsters could emerge a star. If Lennon gets back to is early form and his groin is fully recovered then we wont be far of the top in all competitions i still fear he will need an operation to solve is problem Hernia like Drogba i hope i am wrong .

  14. Firstly we are not in Champions league, we still have to qualify, we should build upon last season and continue progress. There is no point splashing the cash, we have to consider a new stadium and academy development. Its a business that has to be run like one as well as a football club. I like myself want to sign the Forlan, Dzeko etc but we also have to be realistic. Our transfer policy has been spot on recently, look at the progress of Bale, Lennon, Huddlestone and signings such as Modric, Krancker, Palacios and Bassong. We have a very young squad, we have quality throughout and surely developing our younger players and using them in competitions such as the Carling Cup and initial FA cup games should be the way forward. Also players coming back like O'hara and Dos Santos may have a future and give us options. Give the youngsters more of a chance and lets sign a quality CB and a young striker. I would rather build on our squad then make wholesale changes to the team.

    • Obviously Raj you're a fan who doesn't own a playstation, you give a reasoned well balanced perspective on things, and have taken all financial aspects into consideration together with our expenditure over the past few seasons. The club to generate funds by business in order to spend on players, you'd think that was simple enough, as our gates do not supply adequate funds to do this. Until Haringey and TFL get the backsides in gear and get the new lane up and running, this has to be the way of things, so spending 18 million on Harry's folly (Joe Cole) doesn't make economic or tactical sense, anymore would it make sense to spend huge bucks when qualification is not a guaranteed certainty…got to get me one of those things!

  15. DAVSPURS – I too think Lennon needs something done to him. He should just do it. If he misses start of season, so be it. A pacy player restraining himself is a waste.

  16. we just need acouple of top signing a class centre half is a defo no arguments on that and a strong pacy forward to take pressure of defoe rich

  17. There are very few(if any) available UK players at the moment that would immediately improve our team, unless you are willing to spend 30M+ for the likes of James Milner or Ashley Young who might end up as squad rather than 1st team players.
    That leaves you with the option of taking a punt on a foreign player who is almost certainly going to take a season to acclimatise, if at all (Think Jo, Robhino, Alves etc).
    Or paying 15M+ for 30 year olds who are only going to be around for a season or two in which case you may as well use loan signings.
    Think Spurs have got it right, keep scouting relatively undiscovered players who can do a job & improve over the years instead of big money marquee signings most if not all of which have never worked out for us in the past.

  18. CY:

    Mate, I hear you. I too have that sence of emptiness, that sence of "Errr, we put everything into this – so what do we have to show for it?" but hear me out on this…

    I think its a case of Levy is playing safe for the time being. We have a new Stadium on the way aswell as having to fork out for players on an overly inflated market due to City's unrivaled spending. This could all go to shit remember? We could mess this up after spending x amount on CL talent, fall slowly down the table and become the new Leeds. Might be a little drastic, but it can happen.

    Once we navigate our way past the Quali's I think we will start to see some big signings. Theres talk of Huntelaar, Makoun etc as loan signings before going into the Group stages.

    Also I think the Joe Cole saga hurt us a little.

  19. I can only think Redknapp must be waiting for clubs to find replacements for the players outgoing because this is getting beyond a joke, he's got more money at his disposal than at any other time in his managerial career, a career that he as spent ducking and diving in the transfer market and still we're left waiting. Here's my guess for what it's worth. Out: Pav, Keane, BAE, Bostock, Dros Santos, The spoilt brat at QPR. In: Huntelaar, Wickham, Makoun, Djalo and one I'd love to see Javier Pastore from Palermo.

  20. Some good signings for Spurs would be:
    Angelo Palombo (Sampdoria): he is a very good defense midfielder and could easly take palacios place.

    A good striker: I love Defoe, and i love Crouch, but we need some more goals from our strikers.

    We are a bit short in defense, with king as a very unstable card.

    Hope to see some signings, but i want the same team as last season. I love them players. (sorry for bad english, i'm norwegian :P)


    Redknapp and Levy negotiated one of the best turn arounds of a premier league club in recent years…..WITHIN ONE SEASON!!! We were in BIG trouble when Arry took over!!! We need to learn to trust them!
    Levy has brought in world class players before without anyones knowledge…remember Berbatov & Modric??!! Did anyone have a clue that we were going for wither player??!! I think not!!

  22. We are so used to having to go out and 're-vamp' the squad every season that we forget that the current team are the ones that got us into the CL in the first place!!!! and we didn't even have Azza for half a season! I agree that a new centre back and a big striker who can lead the line are needed but not at the expense of putting us in a weak financial postion!

    Until Man City make some more signings. The problem has been that as soon as a 'top four' club make a move for a player, Man City swoop and sign him for mega money…just so other clubs dont get the player! This was close to happening with Bellamy / Palacios last season!

    I am sure we will make some fantastic signings but only if the deal is right…..e.g. Niko!! We are building something at WHL and it would be silly to and do a LEEDS UTD and spend spend spend! Daniel Levy knows better than that!

    In Levy & Arry we trust!


    • Agreed. We don't want to de-stabalize our current team. We have Dos Santos back and he is a big boost. Trasnfer market is ridiculously overpriced! At the moment i feel we need more hard working players than overpriced players choosing clubs that can offer them the most financially. As long as we qualify for CL groups stage and stay in the top 4 would be a great result. If we can do that, we would attract more players. There are so many young talents out there its not worth coughing out millions for people like Milner and Young. We got better players in our squad already.
      I think Lvey and Arry are doing alrite.

  23. I think we all have to stop worrying about who we have not signed, all I would like to see is a quality centre back to cover for King and to see Woodgate put out to pasture as clearly the lad is never going to come back unless it is with robotic legs! Also decent cover for Gomes and perhaps bring Gudjohnsen back on loan for a year so we have 5 to choose from up front – aside that if you do the math we do have a large squad full of quality that has gelled and know each other. I cannot see the point of replacing plus we have some excellent young home grown talent coming home. Expect to see a couple of fringe players go out either on loan or be sold.

    Nobody has much money else we could have lost some of our better players this summer

    Anyway have some faith in Harry and the board – they have pushed our club further forward than we have been for a long time so they deserve a lot of credit

  24. This is a load of rubbish , we don't need to buy too many players and certainly don't need to be held to ransom..trust Harry not Levy , we will be ok and the places we need reinforcing will be sorted such as centre back..when the merry go round starts then we will have our players we need I'm sure. I'd rather be in our position than gooners needing centre backs , keeper , having average injury prone strikers and our captain wanting to leave…always look on the bright side of life…we are on the up boys! COYS

  25. I think woorying about the signings is getting over rated and over worried about yes i think we need a new centre back because of king is becoming very dangerous to the squad if unfit. we nee too look at how they played against man city on saturday they played brilliantly its not the plaers fault that joe hart is a brick wall across the goal. that showed us that the team can still compete especially when man city have brand new big players. i believe all that is needed is a good CB and maybe a world class pacy striker to take some pressure of mainly defoe but also nthe other strikers on the squad and the ashley young rumour wasstupid we have danny rose and aaron lennon who r pacy wingers


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