FA opens inquiry where Spurs could be made ‘accountable’ over ESL decision

Image: SpursWeb

The Football Association have launched an inquiry into the European Super League rebellion and sought evidence from the six English clubs involved in the breakaway that could lead to punishments.

Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool were among 12 clubs who had agreed to join the ESL, only for each Premier League club to later withdraw following intense pressure from their respective fanbase with Daniel Levy issuing a statement claiming the regrets the anxiety and upset caused by the proposal.

The Sun claimed last week that top executives of the six clubs were forced to resign from advisory roles at the Premier League, including Tottenham’s Director of Football Administration and Governance Rebecca Caplehorn.

Each club has been asked to provide information and evidence around their participation with the FA planning to hold those clubs accountable for their decisions and actions.

The Premier League revealed on Monday that it had prepared measures to stop teams playing in closed competitions.

The FA statement as seen by The Athletic read: “Since we became aware of the European Super League our priority and focus has been on preventing it from happening, both now and in the future.

“Throughout this period, we have been in ongoing discussions with the government, the Premier League and UEFA.

“In particular, we have been discussing legislation with government that would allow us to prevent any similar threat in the future so that we can protect the English football pyramid.

“Last week, we started an official inquiry into the formation of the European Super League and the involvement of the six English clubs. We wrote to all of the clubs to formally request all relevant information and evidence regarding their participation.

“Once we have the required information, we will consider what appropriate steps to take. Clearly what happened was unacceptable and could have caused great harm to clubs at every level of English football.

“The fans have played a vital and impactful role in helping to stop the European Super League from happening, and we understand their frustrations.

“However, we cannot condone the violent and criminal behaviour that took place before the scheduled Manchester United vs Liverpool match, which The FA is now investigating.”

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