Fabiano changes his mind – again


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Luis Fabiano has ended speculation regarding his future by committing himself to Sevilla.

The Brazilian forward had recently admitted that he would be open to a move to Tottenham Hotspur, along with AC Milan and Manchester United – but will be staying in Spain.

“It is true that other clubs were interested in me but I have not held advanced negotiations with anyone,” he told ABC.

“I am very happy at Sevilla and I have never said that I will be leaving for Milan or Manchester United. These are big clubs, but Sevilla are also among the best in Europe.

“Could I sign a new deal with Sevilla? My agent is negotiating with the president, but there is no pressure because we have a lot of time.

“I am due to return to training on July 26 and I am looking forward to getting back to work.

“We have not done too well in the Champions League over recent seasons but we are set to enter the qualifiers in August and we have to make sure we give 100 per cent to make the group stage.”

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  1. You know, the moment when SPURS impressed the most during last season was away to MANCHESTER UNITED. Between the time when we went one-nil down, and when we EQUALISED, Spurs attacked United, and were by far the STRONGER TEAM. We then took that style up to Eastlands, and walked away with fourth place. SPURS don't need Fabiano.

    • Stratty we need a world class striker. Bellamy is not the answer. Fabiano is powerful and can score goals with both feet and head (also hand in the world cup) so would be a great attribute to the team. Fabiano and Defo upfront would be a scary prospect. COYS

  2. We need Fabiano, Messi, Ronaldo,Gerrard, Villa, Casillas…..you get my drift.You can't have enough good players. The moment we think we are good enough we are in trouble. Look at Liverpool last season and you got a good example how teams lIke Spurs, Man City and Villa just crept up right behind them.

  3. Let me get this right, Fabiano started the talk in the first place with a "spurs are too small" statement then carries out "a dramatic U turn" with a "come and get me plea" (thanks to the sun and other red tops for those little phrases) then he "snubs Spurs with a shock u turn" Do we get to have anything to do with this story or is it simply a negotiation stance on his part and a way of filling column space by some loser of a reporter.

    Sounds to me that this jerk is going round and round so tight he will disappear up his own ass.


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