Falcao keen on Atletico Madrid move


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Tottenham target Radamel Falcao has revealed he is keen on a move to Atletico Madrid.

Spurs are desperate to sign a striker before the transfer window closes and the Columbia star has been linked with a move to White Hart Lane despite his hefty release clause of around £42m.

“Atletico are a great team with great support and it would be a great opportunity for my career,” he said.

“Obviously all players think about going to play in England, Spain or Italy – anyone who says they don’t is lying.

“I’m honest, my parents taught me that, and I would like to go and play in one of these leagues.”

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  1. Sign him dont prolong this deal before we leave it until the last day and end up signing someone like odemwinge
    Get it right spend the champs league cash we got just look at aguero last nite.

    • i would of loved to have had odemwinge last season the way our current strikers performed we are in no position to say someone like this is'nt good enough for us he scored more than all our strikers combined last year in the league. He would'nt be my first choice but if it's between signing odemwinge or nobody i'd take him in a flash.And it's pointless even trying to sign a player for £30-40 million pounds because for a player of that quality you need to pay top quality wages so we need to stop saying we want rossi or falcao or hulk because the wages we offer wont lure them sorry to say.llorente i think is the only striker we have been linked with thats any good within our wage structure so dont hold your breath on us spending ridiculous money on a striker because if we was going to do that we would of done it when we got 4th sad to say but i think we missed our oppurtunity to sign a truly world class striker

      • A new addition would be good to freshen things up a bit if nothing else. Everyone says/knows we need a top class striker, but as said, they're not that easy to come by or get, and there is now the risk that in not getting one in there may be a dip in morale.

        Pav and Defoe are good strikers and Crouch is a great plan C/bring on in the last 20mins chuck it forward, help out with set pieces etc. What we need is for Harry to make what we currently have work. Have some imagination or inspiration, change things, take a risk. Pav and Defoe score goals, but they don't lead the line or play up top by themselves very well. VDV can score. Niko can. Bale can. Even Lennon, although he doesn't seem to like shooting, can finish. We have enough goal scorers. If you can't get the players for the system you want to play, change the system. Earn your money Harry, don't just wait for the England job.

  2. shame would have bean ideal for us, but be honest can't see levy splashing that kind of money for striker no matter how good he is, i wouldn't mind liorente or adebayor and ruiz though.

  3. It is clearly an issue of wages. We put in bid like that of what City payed for Kun in January, but he didn't come. He's now on probably 3-4 times a week what we could have given him. With that level of financial doping we're not even in the same league.

    I am also under the impression that Spain and Italy (which I have been surprised at some of the players moving to unspectacular clubs there over them prem) rather kindly tax these under-paid young men less, and give them tax-breaks.

    Levy is clearly doing all he can to increase our revenue: foremost, pushing forward on two stadium fronts; while you could also see the purchases of Pienaar and Khumalo as an attempt to make in-roads and expand in the emerging economy of South Africa.

  4. Alexis Wolfe u speak a lot of sense, I couldnt agree more. Happy offer to stop wedging VDV in ‘at all costs’ and play him when needed in the right positions. Niko should also be used when needed and in his favoured position and Defoe and Pav should play up front together, not on their own. We should sign Llorente or Leandro, or both, and stop wasting time with talk of other ‘bigger’ players who wont accept the wages we offer or just use our club as a platform to get noticed and go elsewhere.

  5. If we can’t match wages other clubs offer we need to sign strikers that in a few years everyone will want and there’s a few out there Abel hernandez Palermo has the potential to be one of the best in world sign him now b4 his stock rises others worth looking at are rondon malaga , seydou doumbia cska and arnoutovic has the raw talent to be world class but needs a good kick up the ass to behave himself off-field but with right coaching could be awsome.

    I’d opt for Abel hernandez reminds me of a young etoo & Henry add in a more experienced striker for the here and now I think Diego millito would be great addition if levy could stretch the purse strings, I know he’s 32 but experience can be vital in close games & if we had someone like him we wouldn’t have drawn so many games on the run-in last yr plus he’d be great for kane&coulibaly to learn off.

    Also think Amauri might be worth a gamble he has all the tools in his locker to do well in England big quick & skillful and although 31 he might be enough for us to cement a place in top4 for couple of seasons until hernandez and kane take over.


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