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We’re not in the best of shapes for our fourth round FA Cup replay at Leeds on Wednesday night. None of the new signings can play as they weren’t with us for the first game (Kaboul and Walker are cup-tied anyway), and of the familiar crew, Assou-Ekotto, Woodgate, King, Pavlyuchenko and Lennon are all injured and Hutton, Keane and Naughton have all been told to go and play nicely elsewhere for a while. As a result there should be some kids on the bench, we’ve got no third first team striker available for a start. The match is a sell out in all the home sections but the police insistence that tickets for the away end can only be sold to season ticket holders and existing members has made it difficult for Spurs to get rid of all theirs. So half a team out and potentially much reduced support. We’ve not made it easy for ourselves but we just have to get on with it.

It’ll be a surprise if we start with a purposely weakened team as we did in the first game. We can’t afford to let them overrun us in midfield again so Palacios should start this time. Who plays alongside him is a bit of a guess with Huddlestone and Jenas off their game but Modric has combined so well with Bale that Harry will be loathe to break up their blossoming partnership and play the Croatian inside. Bentley’s done well enough to be given another chance on the right.

Leeds won on Saturday, their first win since the victory at Old Trafford in January, and  inevitably it was that man Beckford who got their goals. They have injury doubts over Kisnorbo and Kilkenny but whoever plays they will no doubt be tigerish in the tackle as the players enjoy their chance to take another big scalp live on the telly. We’ll have to hope that Andre Marriner is quick to stamp out any excesses early on.

Ideally we’ll start at a good tempo, nick a couple of early goals and then spend the rest of the game hitting them on the break. This is Spurs though so in fact expect an open end to end game with the name of the visitors to Bolton on Valentine’s Day uncertain until the final whistle.


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  1. Ive got my tickets for this and i admit im a bit worried now.
    If i was Harry i would be tempted to play 1 up front and 5 across the middle with Kranjcar playing just behind Defoe.
    Cannot believe we were dumb enough to let Kyle Walker play in the FA Cup for Sheff Utd in January when Harry must have known both Hutton and Naughton were surplus to requirments in January as well. Staggering really!
    Drop Crouch and hopefully the likes of Dawson and Corluka will stop punting the ball 70 yards and give away poccesion. If we keep the ball on the deck and play through the midfield then Kranjcar and Defoe could exploit that space cos Leeds will come at us in front of their own pumped up fans.


  2. like to know why police keep getting involved and knocking our support back seems tottenham bend over backwards to help them
    why not stick up for us somtimes but they dont seem to have the guts or maybe some other motive but tottenham police shouldnt be allowed to dictate our allocation

  3. Can’t understand the Police stance on this one-you guys are pussycats when you venture “Oooph Narthhh”
    Nice to read similar views as to ours on the way the two clubs begger belief from their loyal supporters point of view in games their “expected” to win.
    From most Leeds United followers viewpoint I’d say we just want a battling performance from The Whites, upset you PL boys by snapping at yer, as you expect an hour & a half on the ball before commiting to a pass, & give it a good go. if we go out so be it, we know even if we beat you lot then this is LUFC & we’d probably lose to a Bolton side we’d expect to beat after doing over yourselves & Manure.
    Keep safe, lose, (of course!), & a safe journey back to that horrible, (oh come on it is terrible, admit it), London suburb!

  4. spur1950

    I sent an email to Tottenham expressing my dismay at this decision cos 4 of us wanted to go tomorrow. Unfortunately as 2 of us are only members it means the other two have to stay at home.
    Makes me laugh when Terrorists blow up London the police keep telling us to “carry on as usual” and “must’nt let the Terrorists win” yet when a few drunks have a handbag scuffle they all of a sudden ban everyone from attending a football match.
    When ever there is some crowd disturbance why is we are always told “it’s only the minority” yet they see fit to ban many loyal and law abiding folks from attending a very important cup match.
    This country makes me sick at times with it’s ridiculous nanny state, big brother attitude towards it’s own people.


    The plod told Tottenham not to put tickets on General sale cos of some minor scuffles before and after out meeting at WHL. Tottenham in their wisdom have taken on that advise and are only selling to season ticket holders and members. Unfortunately this adivise wasnt immediately diplayed to Spurs fans and as a result i waited thinking i could snap up 4 tickets when they went on general sale. We were only informed of the police advise last Friday or Saturday leaving many members and ST.Holders not enough time to puchase tickets online cos they couldnt get posted on time……….the usual Tottenham farcical you could say!!

    As for the game…..i cant wait cos it’s going to be a tense. As we seem to have offloaded many players or have many injured or cup tied im not confident about this one anymore.

  6. Dont know what you lot are moaning for, every Leeds game,
    is season ticket and members only for away games, and we
    manager to always sell out, and going to places like bristol, yeovil, carlise , southend on tuesday nights..
    Mind you we are Leeds..

  7. cav

    We had 3000 at Liverpool on a Wednesday night recently which was televised and 4200 at Birmingham on Saturday. Youre not the only big club around fella!
    My point being why should the police be allowed to dictate such ridiculous rules to our clubs and prevent loyal law abiding folk watch a bloody football match?

  8. steve
    3000 to Liverpool…. wow, nothing to brag about seen as they are your rivals for 4th spot.
    We have had these rules in places for years and years at every single game we go to, never heard such of bunch of girls moaning about not been able to get a ticket so much in my life.

    Trust me, you are not a big club. You sent back around 1500 tickets! Yeovil are bigger then you lot.


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