Fan Report: Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham Hotspur

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Much as I love Harry he does chuck in the odd tactical what-the-fuck? and today was one of those. Wigan last year (when Ledley played in a holding role) and Man Utd this year (when Robbie played left side) are two examples of fitting square pegs into round holes when better options were available. Today we started with an unbalanced midfield and finished as a mess. 

Redknapp’s post match quotes about saying that the crowd were on the home team’s back before half time are true, Diaby could’ve grown wings and shat gold bricks and the boos would’ve rung out from the top tiers as they were smacked on the head with 24 carat turds. The thing is though that we were so stifled by our tactics that we were never going to be in a position to take advantage. Palacios, Jenas and Huddlestone were totally on top of their midfield for most of the first half but it was possession with no advantage. Bentley was hype and no product as ever. Peter Crouch played his heart out all game and deserves tons of credit in my opinion but hitting diagonal balls for him to knock down and Keane/Jenas to run onto was our only forward tactic. Which is cock.

We had no pace anywhere in the team and were badly shown up because of it. Their first two goals were due to lack of speed in both brain and body on our part. We were massively unthreatening but were going into half time comfortable but then within a minute we looked like were just awaiting the hangman’s noose.

After a quarter of an hour or so of the second half Bale replaced Huddlestone and immediately we looked more balanced and capable of fighting back but within five minutes conceded a comic third and then it was damage limitation from then on.

It’s a shit place to watch football if you’re not a tourist or a corporate arsehole. It’s a an atmosphereless cake tin. So, topically, it’s a vision of our future maybe? Hopefully that’s a future that doesn’t involve your stadium known only as an airline and a shirt that’s recognisable only by its sponsor. You can easily imagine multiple ways of making the ground better and  ideas such as the crowd being closer to the pitch and a ‘kop’ end such as Levy and co are proposing for our new effort are well up there. Anything that’s as remotely removed as possible from the totally smug experience endured today gets my vote.

A bad day at the office. We desperately missed Modric, Defoe and Lennon, we had no pace & no width – their full backs give an example as to what we should be aiming for, and at key moments we defended like twats. A bad day.


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