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Much as I love Harry he does chuck in the odd tactical what-the-fuck? and today was one of those. Wigan last year (when Ledley played in a holding role) and Man Utd this year (when Robbie played left side) are two examples of fitting square pegs into round holes when better options were available. Today we started with an unbalanced midfield and finished as a mess. 

Redknapp’s post match quotes about saying that the crowd were on the home team’s back before half time are true, Diaby could’ve grown wings and shat gold bricks and the boos would’ve rung out from the top tiers as they were smacked on the head with 24 carat turds. The thing is though that we were so stifled by our tactics that we were never going to be in a position to take advantage. Palacios, Jenas and Huddlestone were totally on top of their midfield for most of the first half but it was possession with no advantage. Bentley was hype and no product as ever. Peter Crouch played his heart out all game and deserves tons of credit in my opinion but hitting diagonal balls for him to knock down and Keane/Jenas to run onto was our only forward tactic. Which is cock.

We had no pace anywhere in the team and were badly shown up because of it. Their first two goals were due to lack of speed in both brain and body on our part. We were massively unthreatening but were going into half time comfortable but then within a minute we looked like were just awaiting the hangman’s noose.

After a quarter of an hour or so of the second half Bale replaced Huddlestone and immediately we looked more balanced and capable of fighting back but within five minutes conceded a comic third and then it was damage limitation from then on.

It’s a shit place to watch football if you’re not a tourist or a corporate arsehole. It’s a an atmosphereless cake tin. So, topically, it’s a vision of our future maybe? Hopefully that’s a future that doesn’t involve your stadium known only as an airline and a shirt that’s recognisable only by its sponsor. You can easily imagine multiple ways of making the ground better and  ideas such as the crowd being closer to the pitch and a ‘kop’ end such as Levy and co are proposing for our new effort are well up there. Anything that’s as remotely removed as possible from the totally smug experience endured today gets my vote.

A bad day at the office. We desperately missed Modric, Defoe and Lennon, we had no pace & no width – their full backs give an example as to what we should be aiming for, and at key moments we defended like twats. A bad day.


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  1. I totally agree, what a tactical fuck up. I settled down to watch the game today full of hope, that dissappeared before kick off when the teams were announced – from that moment on the best I hoped for was not to be hammered. It wasn’t who was unavailable, more who wasn’t playing. How someone of harrys standing lays out a team with your only 2 players who can play on the left on the bench I have no idea. Much as I hate to say it, we were outplayed by them today and thats not becase they have a better team as some commentators are saying.

    All in all a bad day!!! Just hoping now we need a 3rd repeat of that formation at old trafford in the cup, Harry it was a disaster against utd, it was a disaster today, please learn!!

  2. Redknapp: “I could have signed Vermaelen but we didn’t need him.”
    Keane: “We’ve overtaken Arsenal.”
    Redknapp: “We’re as good as Arsenal.”

    Altogether now: “Let’s all laugh at Tottenham, let’s all laugh at Tottenham….”

  3. Bentley is rubbish. He shouldn’t even be on the bench! Spurs players act like they are the best around. No fighting spirit, no team work, no idea what the game plan is. Eveytime we play long balls we lose. Why doesn’t Harry see that? I’d rather lose playing proper football. We carry on like this, we’ll be lucky to be in the top 6. If we want to be in the top 4, we have to go to places like this with a winning mentality! No more Keane please. He is getting from bad to worse and he has the captain’s armband!

  4. Since modric last played we’ve picked up a poor return of 7 points from 7 premier league games.. We so needed pace yesterday, tarabbt is one of the quickest trickiest players we’ve got and he’s playing out of his skin 4 qpr. We should bring him back as left or right sided cover as he’s a good weapon 2 have.. Wen will Harry also realise that big slow Tom is not good enough or quick enough against the top sides !! Fact

  5. We will grant you the excuse of “a bad day at the office” for your continuing footballing woes, but saying Arsenal have “…a stadium known only as an airline and a shirt that’s recognisable only by its sponsor…” just because they beat you is just low. Come to think of it, no one recognises a spud shirt even with the sponsor logo or chicken logo on it. But the red and white of arsenal has always been a classic even before it was JVC written on it. By the way, good luck building your imaginary stadium without sponsors.

  6. Bottom line being.. spurs simply are no match for arsenal.. if spurs had a bad day so had arsenal.. they missed loads of chances.. the score line should have been 17-0.

  7. Spurs attack line is pathetic without Lennon and Defoe! As I always say it the PL is a marathon race, sometimes things just don’t seem to go your way. I still believe… we’ll break among the top 4!

  8. I recognise Arsenal and Spurs but Spurs are not known well in France. Everyone knows L’pool Utd Arsenal Chelsea but others are ?? So, shirt sponsors must be good for Arsenal then – probably most supported team in France, I think.

  9. Quoting ‘Jaja’ above.
    “But the red and white of arsenal has always been a classic even before it was JVC written on it”

    Evidently completey unaware that the white sleeves were added to the shirt to emulate Tottenham.
    It’s a fac, Jaja, go look it up.
    Another Johnny-come-lately gooner…sigh…

  10. Hhahahahahahahahahaha….



    ” TOT fans must accept ARSENAL is TRILLION BETTER TEAM than Tottenham… TOT , you are a mid-table club… Accept the reality … This is nnot a fantasy football that you play a home.!!!

    Poor Tottenham….

    To Robbie Keane…,

    DONT talk too MUCH… What special you are compare to Jack Wilhere… You just ran on the pitch like a dog for a little bone. Look at yourself… Your standart of football equal to scotland league… Go there and prove to a childs kindergarden…Hahahahahahaha…

  11. I do admit Keane shot his mouth before match with Gunners,
    but don’t get too arrogant. Having a bad composer doesn’t
    mean they will not get the music right, when Spurs plays
    the right tune, hell knows what’s gonna happen to Arsenal.

    And one more thing, ARE you an anti-Scot? Spurs is playing
    bad but what the hell that has to do with Scottish League?
    Celtic has beaten Man Utd b4 & is that the standard of English
    football, and Arsenal is below such standard? Never won a thing
    for the past 3 years & still barking aloud… I guess Spurs
    don’t need to prove to kindergarden cuz you’re worst than that.


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