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Hull City ended this game just about clinging on to the point they started with after forcing the first draw at White Hart Lane this season. Despite some all action performances from a couple of outfield players the Tigers owe this result to their keeper and their keeper only. Boaz Myhill made two outstanding double saves, one in each half to deny Spurs. On both occasions it was Robbie Keane who was the unlucky victim of the goalie’s heroics as his follow up shots were pushed wide with reflex saves, though you could argue a strong case for him fluffing the second one. To add to these spectacular offerings, Myhill also denied Defoe, Modric and Crouch with top class keeping. His own strikers never mustered a meaningful shot all afternoon.

It was an almost indescribably frustrating couple of hours. Not only did we not see Spurs break through, we also had to witness Hull attempting to question why football is a spectator sport in the first place. Their physicality was clear from the 2nd minute when Steve Hunt (who else?) got in a tangle with Corluka and their time wasting antics started soon after. The first half barely got into any rhythm before another player collapsed to the floor as though dead and then carried on as if nothing had happened after a bit of judicious rubbing from the City medical staff. Barmby was booked after 28 minutes for time wasting, that’s how bad it was. 28 minutes! Three Wolves players were booked for the same offence when they won here in December so obviously a card doesn’t seem to actually do any good. Referee Atkinson did his best to stamp it out and in the end ordered a total of an extra ten minutes injury time split across the two halves which we can’t complain about. The thing is the disruption to the game though. The stop-start-slow-slow-quick-stop-start-slow is tedious in the extreme and makes you start to wonder what you’re missing on telly.

If Spurs always played like they did for the last twenty minutes today that might make you ask questions as well. Palacios was replaced by Jenas after 54 minutes after the former was yellow carded. We immediately started conceding possession, as we always do when Wilson is missing. Harry rectified this by swapping Crouch on for Robbie and from that point on we were absolutely shamelessly Route One. And it nearly worked. Crouch won plenty of knock downs and flicks despite being manhandled non-stop by the Hull defence who didn’t know how to cope with him. The last twenty minutes was just a siege as the ball was piled forward quickly and often towards Myhill’s goal. But it was all ultimately in vain as the keeper proved unbeatable on the day.

We, of course, never got the break that a handball decision or a deflection would’ve given us. To witness Gardner keep hold of handfuls of Defoe’s shirt all afternoon and then come home and hear that Everton have been awarded a penalty for the same offence against Man City is frustrating but of course you can’t rely on getting breaks to win you football games. To me the moment we don’t start with Crouch and Defoe up front we’re not starting with our strongest team and as soon as you start doing that you probably get what you deserve. Maybe Harry expects Crouch to have a tough night at Anfield on Wednesday but on the other hand he’s not played since December 28 so shouldn’t be too knackered. Our most reliable source of goals is Aaron Lennon. Injury denied us him today but it was our choice to start without Crouch, probably second on the list. Squad rotation is all very well, but only if you’re rotating players in who can do the job.


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  1. It seems that ALL our 3 central midfielders (Palacios, Jenas and Hudd) have now collected 5 yellow cards and will miss next game. Can anyone clarify on this?

    If yes, it seems we’ll be running into quite a bit of trouble as that would leave us Modric, O’hara (if recalled), Keane? as the only senior CM…

  2. Harry has played the game and he must have seen strikers lose there form on many occasions and he also noes it takes one good performance to get back there confidence .Harry looked at Hulls back line and thought he could cause more trouble with Defoe and Keane and it would have worked except for a goalkeeper costing one weeks wage 50,ooo.One of is double saves of Palacios and Keane was on goal of the week work that one out the save of Robbie to be fair hit Myhill on the shoulder when he was trying to get across goal but is speed of the floor enable him to get in the way.What Harry should have taken in to account is the conditions a pitch very wet and not conclusive to a passing game and Hulls five man midfield meant limited supply to Defoe and Keane .Playing three upfront and three at the back would have helped to stop Hull from starving Defoe and helped at corners and free kicks someone should have told Harry Gardner is 6ft6 Our Tallest was Corluka and Huddlestone 6ft3 this would have been my Team GOMES CORLUKA BASSONG DAWSON BENTLEY HUDDLESTONE MODERIC KRANJCAR KEANE CROUCH DEFOE .This would be a purely attacking side and would be a form of defence by pegging Hull back with crouch has the target man would have kept Gardner away from Defoe.

  3. SpursHK – The FA brought forward the yellow card amnesty this season from the end of February to the end of December. Jenas, Palacios and Hudd now won’t receive a suspension until they get to 10 cards when they’ll get a two game ban.

  4. Can someone tell how Huddlestone continuously gets picked every game. He si useless and does not offer anything in midfield. When are people going to realise this!!!

  5. Hopefully Huddlestone gets a ban for 40 games!! Might even reach 4th spot if that happens. I agree with the above, getting totally fed up with that lazy twat!

  6. Keane was dog awful again and so was huddlestone. When we play without genuine wingers we get too narrow and everthing gets clogged up in the middle. Their keeper was fantastic but we did not hit the corners of the goal a lot of stuff was close to him and his reactions did the rest. A little less power and a bit more precision would have done the job.

  7. Blimey! They were time-wasting, they were pulling shirts, they don’t play football, they were physical (despite the fact Spurs had 4 bookings to City’s 1). You’re beginning to sound like an Arsenal fan. You should grow some balls and be a little more gracious, Spurs had nearly 2 hours to break down a team with a fraction of the financial resources Spurs possess and failed. Points definitely dropped from a Spurs point of view, sure, but an extremely valuable point gained for us by carrying out a disciplined game plan.
    As far as I remember, the term “parking the bus” was coined to describe a Spurs performance. How soon they forget.

  8. Lets be honest Hull took a leaf out of the Stoke and Wolves book of how to stifle the game and they did it well if a little lucky at times. On another day a couple of those chances would have gone in but fair play their keeper had hands the size of the goal. We seem to be clueless sometimes in beating these kind of teams when they defend for 90 minutes. Still another point and a clean sheet so these are the only positives.


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