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Myself and my three boys (Jude, Seb and Nath) travelled up from Cornwall and duly arrived at St. James’ Park at around 6.45pm where we met up with their grandad outside the ground. I had a ticket for the ‘Stagecoach’ area whereas the rest of the clan followed the not so unsubstantial Spurs fans in the away end. They managed to get at the front of the stand to the left of the goal where they were able to have the time of their lives and subsequently be captured on Sky Sports when the action was featured!

I took up my seat at around 7pm. Considering all the recent rain we have had in the South West, the evening was warm and quite ‘balmy’, so that was a bonus. You could sense the air of excitement around the ground as newly promoted Exeter City were staging this glamourous tie.

At this time of year it’s quite normal for any Spurs fan to dream of greater things and this was no different. As I looked around at the 1st teamers and squad players warming up I had my usual feeling of euphoria and expectation for the long season ahead, even with our current crop of players. There was no sign of our man at the helm ( Harry, Harry give us a twitch) during the start! He can only be ‘wheelin’ and a-dealin’, me thinks.

The atmosphere was building nicely as both sets of players took to the field. I was so close to the players I could practically be aparty to Keane’s  team-talk! That was a new experience for me. The Spurs player’s names were announced over the tannoy with the addition of a curious central defender pronounced by the speaker as Dorian ‘Deroot’! Must be our new secret weapon or just another foreign player that passes through our ranks never to experience 1st team footy. At this point in the proceedings, the announcer asked the Spurs fans to move further down the Away end to allow access for late arrivals; no-one budged of course!

The game began and a strong Spurs team, with the two little men leading the line looked lively. There were a lot of players out there playing for their future, none less than David (where did it all go wrong?) Bentley. You could feel his nerves. He was trying too hard to make an impression. Player of the 1st half was Tom Huddlestone. He is an absolute colossus! He surely has a future at Tottenham. Pinpoint passing, always looking for the ball, with time on his hands. He actually makes the beautiful game look easy! A pleasure to watch.

There’s a goalmouth scramble at the City end and ‘Jonny on the spot’ Jamie ‘O’ (who could definitely lose a few pounds) doesn’t miss from just inside the box. 0-1. Danny Rose looks a prospect. He produced 1 or 2 cameos which were easy on the eye. We seemed to lack a true cutting edge and consequently thoughts of the transfer window resurface.

The 1st half finished with Spurs on top but with only one goal to show for their dominance. That’s a reoccurring theme with us, rarely finishing teams off when we have them on the ropes. With a brand new starting 11, Pav and Bent kicked off the 2nd half. Both could realistically be gone in a few weeks; this transfer merry-go-round is quite crazy and equally enthralling.

There was more bite to Spurs in the 2nd period with Luka Modric exerting his influence on the game. Lennon and his blistering pace were there for all to see. I’m sure he’s a four-a-day Shredded Wheat man! Chances were coming with more regularity and the inevitable 2nd goal came courtesy of Lennon followed closely by the 3rd on 90 mins by our poacher, Bent.

When the ref finally blew for full time I can honestly say that the evening was a ratings winner in all our opinions. Photos of the boys were taken, autographs gained and a decent PR job achieved by THFC and their hosts Exeter City Football Club. And as they say down in these parts, well done one and all!

By Tony Yeomans

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  1. Harry was there, they showed him on SSN. And I presume you mean our French centre-back Dorian Dervite?

    As for your assessment of Huddlestone, it’s not really suprising that he shined against the likes of Exeter. We need him to produce some good performances in the Premiership on a consistent basis. His problem is that he simply isn’t mobile enough and probably never will be. He can pass, granted, but he can’t run!

    Glad you had a good time though.

  2. Who is this guy? He didn’t impress me. Full of self made cliches. Why couldn’t he just write about the game in plain english?

  3. I went to the game and was in the “Big Bank” stand with my 2 kids and the home supporters.
    Standing to watch Spurs brought back memories of the shelf without the seats and the banter was flowing freely, all of it in excellent spirit.
    It’s fair to say we dominated the game from the start with Huddlestone and Danny Rose being my stand out players of the first half. Defoe looked sharp but why does “Darren” (as he was introduced) Bentley feel that he has to take every opponent on 3 times. He was clear on several occasions but had to do another drag back just to make sure he lost the ball. As Tony said, he’s just trying too hard.
    Second half highlights included Luka’s skill and workrate, Aaron skinning the defence for fun and the outstanding Michael Dawson showing how central defending should be done. Please let’s keep hold of him.
    Palacios, despite his ball winning excellence also gave it away a bit cheaply at times but he is definately what we need to add some steel to the midfield.
    Assou-ekotto appears to have started this pre-season in good form as well.
    Pav looked strong and Darren Bent worked hard and in my opinion is worth sticking with.
    All in all a not unexpected win without working too hard but a fantastic evening helped by some good old terrace humour in an unusual environment but one i’d love to sample again.
    Thanks to Exeter FC and COYS!!!

  4. Norm: what’s your problem? The guy writes about the game he went to see. Not many others had the chance to do see it, so it’s nice that he bothered to write what I think was a rather eloquent appraisal. If you reckon you con do better then let’s see it.

  5. Wish i was able to attend myself, will be at the Wembly Cup though, hope to prehaps see some new faces, on the pitch ofcourse

  6. Fair enough, you had a good time. Nice namecheck for your lads. A bit self-indulgent.

    The word you were intent on using to describe the mild and pleasant weather conditions is “balmy”, not “barmy”.

    The French central defender you chose to refer to as Dorian Deroot is Dorian Dervitte. Two “T”s at the end “first corrector” Tomst! Ignore wikipedia. That’s written by people like you and me. Though more like you it has to be said. And Tomst, “shined”? Shone.

    Would say glamorous, not glamourous myself, but it can be spelled both ways. However, there is no such word as “reoccurring”, the word is “recurring”.

    Si B, it’s “definitely”, not “definately”

    Nicky, it isn’t “sylabol”, it’s “syllable”.

    Still, what is to be expected these days when most newspapers and websites do not employ proof readers because “they are too expensive”? And they say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Look what happens when nobody gets paid!

  7. spellchecker is right guys, look what happens when no one pays a proof reader, we have to put up with the idiot.

    someone please pay spellchecker a peanut as thats all he is worth.

    what an idiot coming on here and trying to correct the way ppl type

  8. Spellchecker: I’m glad I didn’t appear within your wondrous spellchecking radar. Anyway, the guy did write ‘balmy’ rather than ‘barmy’ – get your eyes checked. Also, he was referring to the Exeter announcer’s pronunciation of Dervitte as ‘Deroot’. I think it was implicit that he realised that it was wrong.

    Anyway, why do people get on their high horse when people proffer a free overview of a game? I would understand some of the criticisms if this was a paid-for-newspaper, but it’s not. Get over it. If you don’t like it, move on and read another piece somewhere else.

  9. I was at the game and i agree, the football flowed, Luka was superb and Wilson chased everything. I would like us to stick with Bent, at least he makes the runs and puts the effort in. I disagree about Huddlestone, i thought he looked very ordinary, he should take games like this by the scruff of the neck. Modric set the place alight in the second half. Just one question for you all, who the hell does Kevin Prat Boetang think he is? I thought you had to be at least half decent and acheived something, before you strutted around the pitch with a chip on your shoulder!

  10. Spellchecker, get a life mate. How about declaring your own opinion instead of pedantically picking people up on silly spelling errors?

  11. I thought great there are 11 comments on this match but a few idiots are using it to either slag off someone who had the decency to write a report or to spell check other articles. What i was interested to know was how Prince Boateng got on, any comments?


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