The fans decide: What is the best Tottenham chant?


Some fans will say ‘Oh when the Spurs’ in a heartbeat. But some consider that to be over-used. Some fans love to sing along to ‘Glory Glory’, ringing out over the PA at the end of every home game. But equally, some detest that song. But what is the best Spurs chant?

It’s up to the fans to decide. Leave your favourite in the comments below – only 1 per person please – and in one week we will announce the most popular Spurs chant… according to the fans.

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  1. We're the park lane we're the park lane we're the park lane tottenham we're the shelf side we're the shelf side we're the shelf side tottenham

  2. My favourite is an old one, sing sing where ever you may be, we beat the scum at Wembley, they scored one we scored three, we went back to Wembley

  3. I would say “oh when the Spurs” but find that it tails off a bit when the clapping starts, mainly due to the timing being a bit off. So thing in a packed White Hart Lane with spurs 2-0 up in a cup tie nothing beats “Spurs are on their way to Wembly” COYS!!

  4. Ask "Adele" To Write A New Chant& Sing It,After All She`s a Supporter,
    No not another "Chas&Dave!! Maybe "You Win Again"Bee Gees, Before The Game
    &After The Match ?? New Stadium ,New Chant,Ideas You Fans,Winner
    Gets His Ashes Put Under WHL.For Nought !!!

  5. its a tie between cant smile without you, glory glory hallelujah and ossies dream. oh when the spurs has become really tiresome now, some fans only ever sing that song and no other and it always goes into the clapping after the first round… which is wrong.

  6. jermaine defoe he was a yiddo he went to fratton park to be a bumba clut. then he came back to the lane, my man jermaine is a yid again

  7. I always loved the one about my favourite player, Oyvind Leonhardsen. Unfortunately it's to the tune of my once favourite singer Gary Glitter's I'm the Leader of the Gang.

    I'm Norweigen, I'm Norweigen, I'm Norweigen

  8. One i picked up at Everton away this season.
    Was rocking in the rafters before KO

    Ohhhhhhhhh Dembele! He's a yid!
    Ohhhhhhhhh Dembele! He's a yid!
    Ohhhhhhhhh Dembele! He's a yid!

  9. my old man said be an arsenal fan
    i said f-ck off, b-llocks, you're a c-nt
    we took the north bank in half a minute
    we took the shed with the chelsea in it
    we hammered the hameers with carving knivess and spanners
    etc. to the tube of Don't Dilly Dally (Marie Lloyd's theme)

  10. To the tune of que sera sera (what ever will be will be)

    When I was just a little boy I asked my mother what will I be

    Will I be arsenal will I be spurs

    Here’s what she said to me

    Wash your mouth out son

    And go get your father’s gun

    And shoot all the arsenal scum

    You’re a yid my son!

  11. In Dublin's fair city
    where the girls are so pretty
    i first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone
    As she wheeled her wheel barrow
    through the streets broad and narrow
    (clap clap clap clap clap}
    (clap clap clap clap)

  12. I love going to watch Spurs but do find most of the chants pretty uninspiring and lacking imagination. Some of the comments of fav chants from the 90s allude to this fact. Having attended away matches with friend watching Man U, I did have to chuckle at a few; Park, Giggs will tear you apart, etc. Surely at Spurs we can be a little more creative than Bale! Bale! Having read forums such as this before heading to the San Siro I managed to get a group of about 12 ppl singing 'Boom, boom boom let me here you say Bale. Lets not let the Mancs out sing us, lets up our game in Lyon and at West Spam this week! COYS!

  13. There was one just after Beckhams wife said in the press that he wore her underwear. It went:
    Posh spice married Beckham, he wears a womans bra,
    But when shes shagging Beckham, she thinks of Ginola.

  14. ' oh when the spurs' is the crappiest anthem ever. Starts off like a dirge, continues as a dirge, Only livens up when the clapping starts.' Glory, glory' has always been the best since we beat Gornik back in 1962. what a wonderful night that was. COYS.

  15. Wembley 1991 fa cup semi against arsenal. The final whistle went and we all sung “you’ve lost that double feeling ohhh that double feeling is gone gone gone

  16. I think for the upcoming west ham match

    I'm forever throwing bottles, pretty bottles in the air.
    They fly so high, they reach the sky.
    And like West Ham's dreams they fade and die
    Arsenal always running, Chelsea running to.
    Tottenham always running, We're running after you

  17. Once heard back in the 90's the Lane sang the whole of 'what do you wanna make those eyes at me for….'. Must have been pre-arranged as just about everyone joined in. Sent shivers down my back!

  18. Lewis holtby dadadadadalala Lewis holtby best song and the newest plus the only decent one we have the best one before that was the van der vaart one and we do have the worst song choices in he prem

  19. To the tune of 'My Old Man's A Dustman' Oh, Posh Spice is a slapper, she wears a wonderbra, and when she's shagging Beckam, she thinks of Gin-o-la!!!!

  20. I liked the Hereulo Gomez song. He-reu-lo Go-mez you are the love of my life, Hereulo gomez i'd let you **** my wife, Hereulo Gomez, i wish i was brazilian too.

  21. Being an Aussie Spurs fan living in London for a while and going to my first Derby against Chelsea, my fav was 34K screaming fans singing “Terry Terry, John Terry you’re a C*NT!!” Brought a tear to my eye and reaffirmed my love for spurs!! Also can’t go past “we are tottenham, super tottenham” either.

  22. Oh its a grand old team to play for, oh it’s a grand old team to see, and if you know the history, it’s enough to make your heart go OHHHHHHHHHHH

  23. At the FA Cup Semi Final v Watford many moons ago (when Elton John was their chairman), we were singing

    He's Queer, he's bent his a*se is up for rent, Elton John, Elton John – which made me laugh….

    There was also a banner which read – 'Glenn Hoddle scores with more benders than Elton John'


  24. we always sing this one when he makes a great save. He’s fat he’s old he’s wort his weight in gold brad friedoool brad friddoool..

  25. Vertonghen . Does anyone know the lyrics to soldados chant? The one we sang today at palace, its the same tune as vertonghens


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