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Controversial decisions from referee Chris Foy ended Tottenham’s 11-match unbeaten run in the Barclays Premier League.

Despite conceding two sloppy first-half goals, scored by former Spurs winger Matthew Etherington, Tottenham could have won the game should decisions have gone their way.

Although Foy did award the visitors a penalty in the second half, which Emmanuel Adebayor coolly converted, he failed to spot two clear handballs that should have resulted in an extra two spot kicks. He also harshly sent off Younes Kaboul for two soft yellow cards.

To worsen the blow, the referee’s assistant ruled out what should have been Adebayor’s second goal, putting up the offside flag even though the Togolese striker was clearly onside.

Harry Redknapp was understandably frustrated with the referee after leaving the Britannia Stadium pointless:

‘’I thought he had a poor day. It (Kaboul’s sending off) was farcical’’, he exclaimed.

‘’Adebayor was way onside.

‘’There were two blatant handballs and the referee missed them.

‘’I never complain about referees’ decisions-I have not done it in 30 years of management, never. But today, I’m afraid, he got some badly wrong.’’

Spurs remain in third position in the Barclays Premier League with 31 points, five behind second placed Manchester United, and seven behind Manchester City, who are still in top spot.

The 2-1 loss to the Potters will be seen as a clear blemish to an impressive league run, but a strong second half performance indicated that Tottenham are still one of the current in-form teams.

With the exception of hosting Chelsea in a fortnight’s time, the lilywhites are set to play five teams that currently sit in the bottom half of the Premiership in their next six fixtures.

If Redknapp and the players can continue to execute similar performances of recent weeks, the New Year could be set to be a promising one.

By Dan Lloyd

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  1. Stop to bemoan and defend your box. Last year, Stoke had a goal disallowed and Spurs win 2-1 and Stoke made no scandal. Stop to crying like little girl, you are ridiculous.

    • Stoke70, a few points:

      No one is complaining much about Stoke’s 1st half performance. We know how you play and it’s on us to deal with that. You were deservedly ahead.

      The point is incorrect officiating cost us the Adebayor goal; incorrect officiating cost us the chance at two more penalties and possibly Stoke men being sent off. If you are going to tell me Stoke wins that game if the correct calls are made, you never watched the game.

      I don’t have access to blogs from season’s past, but Good Christ, the whinging by Stoke fans coming on to Spurs blogs after last season’s game was off the charts. And I recall the goal quite well; it was where the Stoke defender wrestled our keeper to the ground in the build up. So to act like Stoke fans are some kind stoic warrior clan is, frankly, bullshit. You lot complain as much as anyone.

      On the day, the calls went your way and you got away with it.

    • do one you prick your team is just full of dirty bastards so do one that game you didnt have a about 6, 7 decisions go against you due to a useless set of officials so pipe yourself down

    • Yes Stoke had a goal disallowed because Huth fouled Gomes in the build up. Before giving it the big all and telling us to shut up watch the actual incident from last season back and you will clearly see it! However the ref got about 8 decisions wrong and all went in favour of Stoke this season. Spurs would have won 3 or 4 – 2 if the ade goal correctly stood and the 2 handballed pens were given. Also kaboul should not of been sent off.

  2. Stoke70 come back on this site when your team can actually play football, How you can watch that football week in week out, i would not bother. Stoke are cheats and always will be. Stoke should be in rugby league football. COYS…

  3. No he was worse (foy) last season, when he dissalowed a Stoke goal that was a foot over the line before Crouch pushed it out with hands,

    Man up Spurs it was a pulsating contrast of styles and enjoyable to watch.

  4. Ye I am cryinhg like a little girl.But what goes around comes around with Referee's like Foy around..Hopefully Stoke will epirence similar treatment in the near future.Then come back ask about cyring like a girl..Do not expect any sympathy.Then again you have plenty of towels in the potteries to cry into.

  5. Only one team was playing football. And that team didn't win. But it doesn't matter how you play it as long as its by the rules. If i was a Stoke fan i would have lost interest in football long time ago. We lost and it was going to happen sooner or later. But the lads gave it 100% in the 2nd half. Can't ask for more. But seriously, when we play against the likes of Stoke, please leave VDV on the bench.

  6. True that Stoke play the least attractive football in the PL, which has not improved with Peter Crouch`s impossibly thin boneless legs defying the laws of motion. However we have gained a few points from similar refereing decisions already this season, and maybe a loss is not a bad thing as the team are begining to show signs of complacency. Here in South africa the fans say that in a game such as this you have to beat the other side and beat the ref. COYS

  7. Has anyone been to Stoke and walked around, well apart from looking like Bombay its devoid of a restuarant, my bird wanted to buy china and so we went up to Stoke. After the buying spree we wanted a meal out but ended up in Macdonalds cos they dont exist at least in stoke city centre.Stoke pubs seem ok though.

  8. Stop to bemoan is actually grammatically correct, its old English. Just cos Alexis has never seen the word means he thinks it doesnt exist and lets get one thing straight no one on here is a fucking genius at syntaax grammar and any other writing bollocks so wolfie dont come the old soldier. The only real writer here is davspurs whbo took english grammar to a new level man…daddy o.!!! Now fuck off.


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