Fare thee well, Keane-O


Robbie Keane - LA Galaxy News

It appears that Keane-O is out the door.

Put out to pasture, as it were, to America and the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS.

There shouldn’t be a Spurs fan out there that should have any ill-will for the man who gave his heart and soul to Tottenham in the form of 90-some goals, an inexhaustible energy supply, and a well-deserved vice-captaincy.

Sure, there was the whole Liverpool thing, but you certainly can’t fault someone for wanting to play for their childhood club. If anything, Spurs fans need to direct their anger at Liverpool for sucking all of the life, joy, and (let’s face it) talent out that he once was overflowing with. Since his return, Keane-O sightings (and goals!) seemed like they should’ve been commemorated with a free t-shirt: something to tell the grandkids.

Therefore, letting Keane-O go—to be a big fish again, is what Spurs owe the Irish lad. Let him bask in the L.A. sun, and let MLS see what we enjoyed for so long: buckets of goals, and that awesome celebration that would accompany them.

By Cliff S

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  1. All the best to Keano. Really glad to see him not go to one of our rivals in the Premiership – I do not want to see Keane strengthening another team and scoring goals against Spurs!

  2. i was gutted when he left us for liverpool i adored this guy i rememer as a teenager (im now 25) we was crying out for a striker of real quality and robbie gave us that. He scored some absolutely magnificent goals for us and i always saw him as 1 of the best in the league scored some great volleys for us too.Gutted how things went in the end but i'll never forget how great he was for us before a few times he went on some amazing goal scoring runs like 16 goals in 18 games.Good luck robbie i'll never forget those moments of joy you brought to our magnificent club. KEANEO THERE'S ONLY 1 KEANEO THERE'S ONLY 1 KEANO


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