Fergie: Spurs could still sell Modric


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has sympathised with his Tottenham counterpart.

Fergie believes that Harry Redknapp has faced a difficult summer amid the constant interest in Luka Modric.

Ferguson said: “Tottenham have said they’re never going to sell him. That’s what Daniel Levy has said.

“But then you’ve a feeling if someone comes in with the right offer he will be sold, and that’s difficult for Harry, to work out Daniel Levy’s thinking.

“I know Harry wants to bring in a couple of players, no doubt about that, because what he has achieved the last couple of seasons has been brilliant.

“So it has been difficult for Harry getting through the summer not quite sure what’s going to happen.

“It could yet happen before the window closes he gets two or three players in, and I think he’s hoping for that.

“I listened to him on the radio saying he could get four players in for the money. That’s what he is thinking.

“In other words, giving him a bigger squad to compete in all the tournaments Spurs are in, and to challenge for the Premier League. So he was looking at improving his options.”

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  1. Fergie is starting his brain games trying to suck Harry into causing a rift between him and his chairman Harry noes Levey will not sell and the new rules next season will help him achieve . What Ferguson is doing he is saying Spurs need three players to compete we will see we need less horrendous long term injuries for a start and if we still finished 5th then i will agree but i don't agree i think we have a good enough squad already.

  2. I think you could be right especially if Diarra joins.
    With Regard to Fergie bringing up the Modric issue is it genuine concern for Harry or his subtle mind games!

  3. You are completely correct Greavsies third pint. Young Nico is a first rate player who can also score goals which "The Mercenary" doesn't do. I say sell Modric and spend the money on a top of the drawer striker and give Nico the chance to shine

  4. Of course it’s mind games ahead of Monday nights game and no suprises there really. Ferguson should keep his red nose out of Spurs affairs, he would’nt like it if another manager makes comments on a ManU player however, it wont make one iota to Daniel Levy who is the decision maker because he flatly refuses to sell Modric and especially to Chelsea.

  5. Fergie has also declared his faith in Phil Jones and Jonny Evans. He wouldn't have done that if he wasn't worried. United are there for the taking, but our lads have to believe in themselves!

  6. my problem is harry will he roll over like he has done for his mate fergie before

    Thank god levy is in charge and not that pillock rednapp of monies modders has got to stay ,what i dont understand is why another midfielder already got

    hudd,sandro,livermore, jenas,modders,vdv and palacious who is going how many more and i wouldnt put him ahead of sandro,hudd and modders but arry will bad enough playing 1 upfront at home and that being crouch rednapp wasted 50m

    and levy is still trying to get rid of.

  7. Bigger squad Fergie is talking out his arse Spurs already have too many players and won’t be able to register what they already have let alone more options. Why would harry need more players when he never rotates the ones he already has?

  8. think if yr resigned to losing a player u must replace like 4 like & Diarra for Modric is not that. I dont even think we need another DM tbh..look at Livermore other night + rejuvenated Krancjar. I know Sandro injured but Palacios ably fill his boots til then-if hes fit. If not Livermore or even Jenas can do a job. Correct me if im wrong but isnt this bloke ex-Pompey ie Harrys prev club?Berbatov will be back next. Get a quick, hungry striker in asap. Beckford at Everton gets in good positions, needs arm round now n then but Harry good at that. He will come good given a run of games. Ran Man u ragged few season back. Everton need to sell too.

  9. Beckford? His first touch is rubbish-what are you thinking of Wennedastriker. Defoe will come good this season. Our current squad is good enough to get in the top 4-last season VDV had just arrived with no pre season and no prem experience, so he’s going to be better this season. Defoe was injured with england last Sep, so we missed him, Sandro only just started to develop last season,. Bale was injured for the last 1/3, Hudd was out for half the season. Do I need to go on?

  10. Firstly Fergie needs to mind his own business. Fergie deliberately trying to make sure Modric is sold-this will weaken Spurs, one of Utd's competitors. If modric is sold, levy will have gone back on his express word. We will never be able to trust him again. Spurs must not sell Modric. We can't buy any players now, let alone a world class replacement for Modric. If we sell Modric we will NEVER make champions league!


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