Fergie on Tottenham’s title hopes


Sir Alex Ferguson has questioned if Tottenham can maintain a push for the Premier League title while they are still in the Champions League.

“The big test for Tottenham will be whether they can combine all the different fixtures they have when the Champions League starts up again in February,” Ferguson said.

“If they’re still figuring in the Champions League in March, then combining that with the Premier League and FA Cup will be the big test for this Tottenham team.

“I think this is the first time, certainly in my time at United, where we have gone to White Hart Lane with Spurs challenging for the championship.

“That is a measure of their change in fortune under Harry. He has done a fantastic job there and Spurs have some really exciting players there now.

“Obviously the development of Spurs is an interesting one because I can’t remember ever taking United to the Lane with Tottenham challenging for the league. I don’t think I have ever done that.”

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