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Apparently Fernando Torres has been listed for transfer by Chelsea, and could be available for as little as £20 million. If there is any element of truth in this Spurs should snap him as quickly as possible. Why you ask? Torres is world-class. End of.

Yes, he has had a tough time at Chelsea, which obviously must be partly attributed to him, but mainly because he made the move at the wrong time. Chelsea are a team that are steadily getting worse due to all their players becoming older, and Abramovich is becoming more impatient to win the Champions League, hence 50 million was splashed out to sign Torres. Last season he was given the task to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it showed.

To his credit he started this season looking like he would become the player who scored 65 goals in 102 league games for Liverpool, but stupidly got himself sent off against Swansea, and nothing’s quite worked out for him since. A move to Tottenham would allow Torres to regain his confidence with the abundance of players at our disposal who will be able to set up chances for him to do the rest with.

After seeing we may well look to buy Carlos Tevez I feel there is even more reason to buy Torres because he is less likely to be a bad influence in the dressing room, and will be more focused to do well, now that he has a point to prove.

Would buying Torres scupper our chances of signing Adebayor on a permanent deal? Perhaps due to the fact they are both on astronomically high wages, but if we bring Torres to White Hart Lane in January I have no doubt we will finish 3rd at the very least because we will have the greatest depth of strikers with Torres, Adebayor, and Defoe in our ranks. This will mean we will receive a lot of prize money from the Premier League, and then may well be able to afford both players on our books.

The gamble obviously is he could continue to underperform at Spurs, but history suggests whenever he has been ‘happy’ at a club he has been incredibly productive. Harry Redknapp is probably the most effective Manager in the Premier League that can get the best out of his players, making them ‘happy’. If he is successful with Torres we will have the BEST striker in the Premier League at Tottenham, and may well be the missing piece in the jigsaw to secure a Title at Tottenham.

By Joe Alexander

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  1. i know we wont get him as wages are to high an chelski wouldent sell to us after modric. but if anyone could get him back to his best harry could! and we play a more suited formation for him.

  2. Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has insisted striker Fernando Torres is not for sale "at any price".

    Villas-Boas was responding to the suggestion Torres will be sold during the January transfer window following a frustrating year at Stamford Bridge.

    I believe that was written in ENGLISH and not Portugese

  3. If we could offload Pav at 10 mil I'd take an extra 10 mil punt on Torres. Was pure class at Liverpool and, although not at his best now, you don't lose it. Chelsea wouldn't sell him to us though because of our Modric stance

  4. we will not his wages as simple as that. Although if he did sign i could bet on him scoring 15 league goals with us as our style of play he is more suited.
    And funily enough Chelseas style would suit defoe so there you go done deal

  5. Come on…. Torres, Adebayor, Tevez, wages wages wages. Cannot afford it. Forget it. Even if we could afford it, Torres is quick, but NOT worth the risk. Because he would be on our maximum wage. Maximum wage is for a player to waltz into the team and lead by example. NOT for someone struggling to regain confidence and form. I do not buy into this form is temporary, class is permanent argument. ALL strikers lose it. Owen, Fowler, Drogba, Anelka – all strikers who were previously prolific, lost it and went on to never regain it ever again. This is not monopoly money. What you are suggesting is for us to sign someone on mega money and cross our fingers that he regains the form of 2-3 seasons ago.

  6. The Daily Mail is a serious newspaper , where else can you find stories like "watching Football can give you rabies". But in reality the Daily Mail has got a bad name because Neo libs who love all the ethnics don't like the truth for the truth very very often is a bitter pill to swallow. The reality is that the left of this country share depotism equally with the right and both share the quality of inherent unconscious falsehood.I don't read the Daily Mail but understand why our so called socialist comics use the paper for their routines.Bullshit

  7. What a ridiculous post…. a risk worth taking?? behave, the kid is class and always has been. Grow up and stop dreaming, we aren't getting him

  8. I would prefer to sign Ade on a perm first as his overally game fits our style better but if Torres was available for £20m we should go for him….he will be quality again one day.

  9. No he just happens to know what his nickname is…El Nino is world class and i believe if he recaptures form of recent years he could be difference to us coming 2nd or winning it so if its not bollocks and he wants to come lets get him ..even if it means losing Adebayor and/or Defoe to accomodate wage bill it doesnt matter. At 27 hes still in his prime and worth taking risk on. Harry is perfect manager for him and we are perfect club for him.

  10. you cant be world class with a silly fucking name El Nino. These spicks suddenly got good at football by playing the Spurs push and run of the 50's , lets do it ourselves. I hate Spain really I do more than our fucking ethnics who burnt my favourite supermarket Aldi and where I used to meet William Gallas buying his washing up liquid.


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