Finance expert Dr Dan Plumley has claimed Tottenham’s owners may choose to slowly disinvest in the club as opposed to selling completely. 

Investment company ENIC, majority-owned by businessman Joe Lewis and run predominantly by Daniel Levy, has possessed a controlling stake in Spurs since 2000 when they purchased the club from previous chairman Alan Sugar. 

The Athletic recently revealed that a Tottenham source informed them Spurs are ‘100 per cent for sale’, but the report explained that chiefs Lewis and Levy do not intend on parting with the club just yet. 

Plumley, who is a sports finance expert at Sheffield Hallam University, has now offered his view on the report that Spurs may be up for sale. 

He believes that a total sale of the club is unlikely to be resorted to by ENIC and suggests a better option would be for the company to slowly hand control to a new owner down the line. 

Speaking to Football Insider, Plumley said: “They have always been up for sale. But there is only a select group of people who are in the market for a £2 billion purchase.

“The other side of it is that you might see a gradual disinvestment of the main investors.

“It might not be a full sale outright but they might look to reduce their shareholdings over the course of a few years.

“They have turned Spurs into an organisation that makes a profit more often than not. So it’s just a case of when they choose to step aside. But when they do, it will be at a much higher valuation than when they joined the club.

“It’s just a case of striking the right deal with the right person. But it is a very select club in terms of potential investors.”

Spurs Web Opinion

Tottenham have been up for sale since ENIC came into the club, given the company’s goal is investing into businesses. It will be interesting to see what happens further down the line, though, as they will likely value the club way above what others do. 

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