Five quid for a can of Smog Rocket? – Here’s how much food and drinks will cost in the new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham’s new stadium is finally set to open on the 3rd of April, with Crystal Palace being the first visitors to the venue. Tottenham fans have eagerly waited for this moment for a long time with most fans suffering from a serious case of Wembley fatigue.

However, the club will first conduct two test events, the first of which will see Spurs Under-18s take on Southampton in front of a crowd of 30,000 this Sunday.

This will be followed by a match between Tottenham legends and Inter Milan legends next weekend which will see a crowd of 45,000.

Tottenham’s new stadium has a lot of exciting features including as many as 60 food and drink outlets along with The Market Place which will also serve a wide range of food and drink.

According to Football.London, here’s how much the food and drink at the different outlets will cost:

Smashed Olive

Margherita pizza £8.95 or half (£4.95)

Harissa lamb pizza £8.95 or half (£4.95)

Rocket and parmesan salad £5.95


The Linesman

Fish and chips £8.95

Battered tofu and chips £7.95

Pickled onion £1

Pickled gherkins £1


Naan & Noodle

Chicken tikka and naan £7.95

Chicken curry £8.95

Malaysian Rendang £7.95


The Chicken House

Piri piri wings with fries £6.95

Southern Fried Chicken with fries £6.95

1/4 rotisserie chicken with fries and slaw £8.95

Buttermilk chicken burger £5.50 with fries £6.95

Halloumi burger £5.50 with fries £6.95


N17 Grill

N17 club burger with brisket £7.50

N17 burger £5.50

N17 cheeseburger £6.50

Dirty fries with cheese and salsa £4.95

Jackfruit sandwich £5.50


The Tap Inn

Chef’s Tottenham Pie £3.50

Veggie Pie £3.50

Chicken balti pie £4.50


Beavertown brewery

Pint of Neck Oil £5 half £2.50

Pint of Gamma Ray £5.50 half £2.75

Can of Lupuloid £5

Can of 8 Ball £5

Can of Smog Rocket £5

Can of Black Betty £5.50


The Goal Line Bar 

Pint of Heineken £4.50

Pint of Amstel £4

Bottle of Guinness £5

Heineken Zero £3

Bottle of Old Mout cider £5

Bottle of skinny lager £4


Beer, drinks and other

Bottle of Heineken £4

Bottle of Bulmers £5

Wine £5

Hot drinks £2

Soft drinks £2.50

Bottle of water £2

Sausage roll £3.50

Crisps £1.50

Chocolate grab bags £3.50

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