Five reasons why the new Spurs stadium can’t compete with White Hart Lane

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With construction work taking place around the clock, the behemoth which is the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium continues to rise from the ashes of where White Hart Lane once stood, however, I still struggle to get over the fact that the Lane is no more.

Yes, I agree we need to move forward with the times. Football is now a business and every bum on seat, slice of cheese ate in the plush hospitality area and shirt sold is a crucial part to being able to try to compete on a level playing field with the rest of the big-spending clubs.

As I step into the stadium for the curtain opener against Liverpool in September, I cannot help but think I’ll be saying “This isn’t the Lane” in my head and here are my reasons why.


White Hart Lane had the Shelf and Paxton which helped to create an amazing atmosphere at the Lane.  Sadly, our most vocal supporters have been dispersed in the new due to the new season tickets being sold in phases.  Yes, we will have the south stand which promises a ‘wall of sound’, but will it really generate the atmosphere which we are used to?

European nights

There was something special about a European night under the lights at the Lane.  Our heroes playing in all white created memories which will last a lifetime.  Will the new stadium be able to mimic the uniqueness of these nights we all hold such dearly?

Pitch proximity

Granted, the new stadium is closer to the pitch than the likes of the Emirates, while West Ham fans have to use binoculars to spot Mark Noble being manhandled by Moussa Sissoko.  The Lane was so close to the pitch, which helped to create such an intimidating atmosphere – you felt as if you were on top of the pitch.  I for one will miss this.

The cockerel

The cockerel which sat proudly on top of the West and East stands was an iconic part of the Lane.  The new stadium whilst it does have some nods to the old stadium, it has no place for the cockerel in such a visible manner on the roof.

The player’s entrance

For years, the player’s entrance at the Lane has was the main entrance off the High Street. Fans of all ages would line the pavement to catch sight of their heroes in their flash cars. Players will now park underneath the stadium, limiting the visibility of the stars to the everyday fan. 


Leave your own thoughts on the new stadium vs White Hart Lane, below.  COYS.

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  1. Players won’t park anything as they all arrive together on a coach from the training ground. Where that will park I’m not sure. The underground car park is for the people in the most expensive seats and players families.

  2. 5 reasons why it will be better:
    1) Atmosphere. 62,000 fans closer to the pitch than any other similar stadium will make it a hostile place for visiting teams.
    2) European nights. 62,000 fans under the (much improved) lights at the ‘New Lane’ will be sensational
    3) Pitch proximity. you’ve answered this one yourself.
    4) The stadium itself. Modern and hi-tech,comfortable seating and great sight lines for all spectators.
    5) I’ve got a season ticket. Didn’t have a chance in hell at the previous ground!

  3. Is this a wind up ? The ground will have a second to none noise levels, superb lighting, a massive single tier stand and acoustic noise design yet we have someone already moaning 6 weeks prior to a game being played in it.

  4. I don’t understand the purpose of your article. You just look like a grumbling tosser whereas the more prosaic truth is that you’re just a grumbling tosser. If you are complaining that you can’t see the cock, I haven’t seen mine for the last seventeen years as a result of my wife’s cooking and a growing punch and I’m still content.

  5. I respect nostalgia. As long as we don’t confuse sepia tinted maudlin sentimentality with intelligence. The new White Hart Lane will carry generations of Spurs for the next 100 years across new dreams and legends (and being Spurs, I am sure, some heartbreaks as well).

  6. I shed a tear at the “The Finale” because that was sentimental in the moment. For me it was the end of a 41 year love affair I may never know again. The sights I saw, the memories I will always have I will cherish forever. However, The Tottenham “New Lane” Hotspur Stadium hold excitement for a new future. The best stadium in the world. The best facilities, (ok also some of the most expensive seats) ….. The new stadium is what we the supporters make it. When I take my seat for the Liverpool game, it will be with pride, passion and my blood pumping Blue and White shouting the team on for a win against Liverpool on the 15th September 2018. I hope every other Spur in the stadium does exactly the same, not wishing they were still in the past.

  7. You’re right in all 5 of your comments but I feel we need to give it a chance. I think we will create an atmosphere because the people who have chosen to sit in the new South Stand hopefully will have a voice and thats the reason they chose that stand. The European nights will still be fantastic. I feel though that they should have found 2 facing spots on the new stadium high up for the cockerals.

  8. Are you saying that 62000 supporters in the new stadium will make less noise than 37000 in the old WHL?
    What nonsense!

  9. The new stadium has been developed with massive attention to detail and will be a fantastic achievement when it is completed, it is a credit and reflects the ambitions of the club, I hope young people will visit the stadium and fall in love with it in the same way I did visiting White Hart Lane fifty years ago (I don’t suppose fans will get away with bringing live cockerels in to the stadium the way sometimes happened back then). COYS.

  10. I always felt there was far more atmosphere coming out of Park Lane rather than Paxton Road. I used to stand on the shelf and the sing offs between the shelf and park lane were amazing.
    I will always miss The Lane but times change and this new stadium will produce it’s own amazing atmosphere and lots of happy memories I’m sure.

  11. Our new stadium is iconic and the best in Europe. At night time when those window lights light up Tottenham High Road and the surrounding it will be magical to see. The rest will speak for itself. COYS Pochettinos Blue White Army.


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