Five things we learned from the Spurs win over Newcastle

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy


Tottenham left it late for the third Premier League match in a row, with Heung Min Son’s 83rd minute strike proving to be the difference.

Spurs controlled the game from start to finish, but often found it difficult to break down the stubborn Newcastle defence.

As the minutes ticked on, and Spurs missed a few key chances, it seemed as if it wouldn’t be their day, until the man from South Korea stepped up.

Here are the five things we learned from the win at Wembley.

Son is priceless

Tottenham Hotspur’s Heung Min Son was the difference between dropped points and a win yet again today, as he scored his second goal in two games since returning from the Asia Cup. Son has often stepped up in Kane’s absence in the past, and it looks as if he fully intends to do the same again. Nice one Sonny!

Llorente played his part

I thought it was a strange decision not playing Llorente from the start in a game where Newcastle were always likely to camp in their own half. However, once coming on 60 minutes in, Spurs changed up their play style and Llorente got a lot of joy from knock downs with his head and chest, including the assist for Son’s goal. If only the sun wasn’t in his eyes for that header!

False nine doesn’t work

I touched on this in the last point, but Tottenham’s initial false nine type shape with Lucas Moura in the hole didn’t really work for them today. Apart from the golden headed chance for Moura, he was unable to have much of an impact, and always looks far better in the wide areas. Against clubs who are likely to camp in, a target man/focal point like Llorente is the better option for me.

Earlier change

For the second time in a row, Pochettino saw that things weren’t working on the pitch and made a change far earlier than he normally would, brining on Llorente in the 60th minute, rather than the 75th. This just gives the sub more time to get into the game and make a difference, while wasting less time on a formation/shape/style that clearly isn’t working.

Second in the league

Tottenham are now up to second in the Premier League once again, leapfrogging Man City who play at home to Arsenal tomorrow. This could be the first time many Spurs fans will be supporting the Gunners in a Prem match.

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  1. I thought Son was good today. Newcastle did very well. They were tight, deep and compact. Made it very hard for us. Rafa Benitez is a good tactician, even if he is a bit negative. It almost worked for a point. Nice strike by son, lots of power, and Dubravka made a mistake but it was hit well and dipped. I was happy with Lamela as well today. He set Moura up really well and was better than he has been of late. Disappointments were Eriksen. Not sure lazy was the right word, but delivery and he also got his key passes wrong. It just seems he is less effective when he doesn’t have Kane to aim for and Alli’s movement. Trippier also really wound me up. His defending was OK, but his crossing and free kicks were poor, either hitting first man or keeper. Vertonghen had a cracking game and at some point we must upgrade on Trippier (28 now) and Davies. Who won’t take on their men and offer little going forward. Off course Trippier has good games, where his crossing is better and his free kicks also, but he will not use his left foot or take on a defender. This makes up impotent at times. As it does with Davies. Play Rose and Walker before him, you have an all action wing back who runs both ways and offers more at both ends. Aurier has the engine, but he is so stupid, he offers very little at both ends. PSG must be laughing they flogged him for £23m. Moura as well was very disappointing today. He was out best player the first 4-6 weeks. His heading ability is very poor and he isn’t getting into positions to shoot and 2 or 3 times, he got in the way of someone in a better position. Early on, had he left it for Davinson, he could have trapped it, tied his shoelace and still found the net. But Moura heads it miles wide instead. Maybe the Man Utd away game was just a pure fluke. Sending Llorente on and giving him time, was a masterstroke by Pochettino. At 33, he can’t play and start 4 games in a row. We were neat and tidy, but needed more urgency and to mix it up more today. We will not keep winning if we start games so slowly, have so few shots on target and keep leaving it so late. We are exactly as Jamie Redknapp said crying out for one more player. A creative, goal scoring genius effectively. Allowing us to rest and rotate. So we can cope with ANY injury crisis. Not sure why we haven’t signed anybody, leave it so late in windows and don’t gamble (Leicester season, Saha and Nelson season anyone?). We might also have made the Carabao Cup Final or still be in the FA Cup. Poch is doing all he can on limited resources. SKY called up some great stats today on net spend -£13m and wages, well below others in top 4. Levy you are a complete ***t. Well done boys, Son especially. Let’s just do another top 4 and nothing else. It’s all we can do on the budget and chairman and owner lacking ambition. In Poch we trust, let’s hope we hold on to him.


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