Former Spurs owner reveals what he’s been told regarding Levy and Pochettino

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Tottenham have not added a single player to their squad in the last two transfer windows. In fact, the last player to walk through the door was Lucas Moura, who arrived at the club more than 14 months ago.

Despite the lack of transfer spending, Mauricio Pochettino’s men have competed valiantly against sides that invested a lot more into their respective squads and have even reached the final of the UEFA Champions League.

Many fans had put the lack of investment in the playing squad down to the significant cost of building the new 62,062 capacity seater stadium.

However, former Spurs chairman Alan Sugar has revealed that Daniel Levy has made funds available to Pochettino and the Argentine has chosen not to spend in the last couple of windows.

He also praised the work the 47-year-old has done at Spurs and said he wishes the club can retain his services.

Speaking to Alan Brazil’s Sports Breakfast show on talkSPORT [09/05/2019], Lord Sugar said, “You’ve got to admire him [Pochettino].

“He’s been with us a while, he came from Southampton, people might have been sceptical. His ethos is to bring young players through. There’s been a lot of talk about Daniel Levy having his wallet shut because of the new stadium.

“I know for a fact that’s not true. Pochettino doesn’t want to buy people and if he doesn’t want to buy people he won’t. And he gets rid of people who he doesn’t want to work with. I hope we hold onto him.”

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It could be that Pochettino wasn’t happy with the players who were offered to him in the window, and hence chose to stick with his current crop of players.

It is crucial that Daniel Levy backs him in the summer and the club bring in one or two big names who will walk straight into the side.

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  1. Yes, I had a feeling that Poch shouldn’t have said the things he said straight after one of the greatest Glory days/nights in our history. Or at least not said it publicly. I firmly believe that a quiet, private but robust conversation between Poch and Levy (after the CL Final, win or lose) would have pretty much guaranteed all that Poch wanted anyway. It is hugely important that Poch stays at Spurs, and it is equally as important that Poch and the club back him 100% long term, but Poch must learn to keep his own counsel on these matters until the right time.
    If he gets what he wants, and can see the long term plan positively at Spurs, then we’ll expect him to stay.
    Otherwise, he’ll simply walk. But let’s enjoy this last few weeks and focus 100% on that final game first, before hearing all this other ‘unnecessary’ stuff.

  2. I also find it hard to believe after following this club for 20 years that it was Poch who didn’t want to spend the money. Daniel Levy is extremely tight with the purse strings and he has an enormous ego. I believe he may have presented a list of players that he felt he could purchase inside the his budget. I agree with the opinion that Levy now needs to give Pochettino a lot more lee-way with the cash. It doesn’t need to be an astronomical amount of money but, the pot we have earned from the champions league would be a start (nearly 100 million pounds.) Money they would never have made without him. I do not necessarily believe that will be enough however, with the addition of any funds he might be able to raise with the sell of current players should supplement the rest. This means you would still have the entire revenue from ticket sales and advertising/naming rights as well as merchandise sales, Etc. That can go towards your bottom line not to mention the money from Television rights 36 million for finishing 4th place.


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