Former Spurs player openly admits that he moved for the money

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When Moussa Dembele left Tottenham Hotspur for Guangzhou R&F in the January transfer window, he left under a cloud of sadness and understanding.

Who was going to replace him? Why were the club letting him go? Despite the endless questions, the majority of Spurs fans could agree that he had done himself proud when making his 181 Premier League appearances for the club (Whoscored?).

Dembele was renowned for destroying midfields single-handedly, as he portrayed an elegant but powerful swan dancing through his many victims.

For this very reason, Dembele was a favourite for many Tottenham supporters and rival fans for that matter.

In recent months it has been great for Spurs fans to see that Moussa Dembele still holds affection towards the club and its fanbase.

As he showed support for the club and its players when they were on their sublime run to the Champions League final:

“I was very happy for Tottenham because they deserved it and no-one works harder than them.

“As players, they are very good guys so you want them to succeed,” Dembele said in response to Spurs reaching the Champions League final this year (The BBC).

Dembele even took the time to visit the Spurs players on their pre-season tour of Asia, as Jan Vertonghen shared this adorable photo of them together.

With many Spurs fans missing Dembele, it is great  to hear he has acclimatised well to China and the new challenges he has faced:

“Money is a thing in moving here, of course.” Dembele admits when talking about his move to China.

“People who come here earn good money but it depends. If you come here only for the money and you don’t enjoy the experience and lock yourself away in your hotel then it’s bad.

“If you earn good money and you enjoy the culture then it’s a good experience.

“I told the players at Tottenham that in the last few years of my career I wanted to go to a different country. When China came I was happy because it’s a big challenge and I wanted to have a culture shock.

“It’s very different, including how the people react to you in daily life.

“It depends how you are as a personality. I know a lot of people who come here and think it’s rubbish and hate it but if you’re open-minded it’s very cool.”

Spurs Web Opinion:

I for one, miss the Belgian destroyer. He was a personal favourite and it was heartbreaking to see him leave. However, it is great to see he is enjoying life and a whole new culture.

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