Former Spurs striker urges club board to heed Pochettino’s demands

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Spurs striker Gary Lineker believes his old club could be facing an exodus unless they listen to Mauricio Pochettino’s demands.

We produced an impressive third placed finish in the Premier League, securing a third successive year of Champions League football all with significantly less outlay than our top-four rivals.

It has not really been the “Tottenham way” to splash the cash but, in a surprise change of tone, Pochettino after the final say victory over and other of Lineker’s old sides Leicester, he suggested his club need to change their policy this summer and “take risks”.

Lineker believes his former club are at a crossroads and need to listen to their manager.
“It’s a seminal moment and I have been saying that for some time,” he told Press Association Sport at the launch of the BBC’s World Cup coverage.

“They have got lots of big stars there and if they want to keep them and have a go then they need to invest a little bit and need to probably pay the wages they can get elsewhere”: he said

“Ultimately it doesn’t matter how loyal you are if the team isn’t successful and isn’t competing on the same wage level as you get elsewhere then you are ultimately going to lose the players and they will go elsewhere.

Lineker added: “I think Pochettino was right to say that and I think it is saying something about himself as well because if that ambition is not matched then I suspect he might depart and if he departs I can see some of the big stars following, so it’s a big moment for Tottenham, (chairman) Daniel Levy and the owners.”

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  1. Yes. Agree. DL has done fantastically in managing Spurs financially and putting them in a position where they have built a complex stadium network as they have. However, i agree that Pocc needs that extra support as suggested; I would say give Pocc that rumoured 150m plus all proceeds for player sales and let him go shopping (without a FD figure shopping and throwing players at Pocc).
    Furthermore, i believe that not long from now DL will unveil a new financial re-structure of Spurs with new investors that will put Spurs on same transfer muscle or near enough to Manchester clubs….YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM ME. Made up of 3 stad financing banks, stadium name sponsor and an NFL franchise = huge consortium owning THFC with DL remaining chairman. Joe Lewis may still be involved or not at all…

  2. We do have a problem. We just spent £800,000,000+ on a new stadium, we have players who want to earn more than they deserve (I don’t care who you are, no one deserves to earn more in a week than most people earn in a year. To then complain about those earnings when I can barely afford to live a moderate life style is an absolute insult to fans everywhere… imagine what poor kids living in Favelas must feel when they hear footballers complaining that £100,000 a week isn’t enough!) and we have a manager who is now starting to demand more than the in can give at this time.
    I find myself increasingly annoyed with our fan base because they say things like “the stadium will bring in more money so Poch should get a bigger budget” this is a stupid statement. We have to pay for that stadium before it can benefit us, our stadium cost almost 3 times what Arsenals cost, we may not get the American football (if the American does buy Wembley- another insult to English football!) We thought we’d get so we may have spent around £300,000,000 We shouldn’t have.
    It will take around a decade for the stadium to become a real financial boon for the team, that’s if Levy isn’t as clever as I hope he is (I really hope that he started putting money away back when we first started considering the new stadium, if the stadium was built entirely from loans we could be looking at 20 years instead of 10) but I’m not sure what to think here.
    Put simply: if Poch wants more budget to stay at Spurs… He will be leaving. We can’t afford to spend money we don’t have if we don’t want to be Blackburn Rivers or Leeds! I don’t want that, do you?

  3. The voice of reason, and I agree with most of your comments. MY problem is that I’m approaching 70, (my first keeper was Bill Brown), and that’s an awful long time for a top club, especially with some of the greatest players ever, to have failed so consistently. Ok, we’ve had a few successes along the way, but we’ve seen Forest, Derby, the Foxes and Blackburn lift the title (no belittling intended), and basically we’re just inured to losing. I’d really like to grab one in my lifetime though, so I’m just coming round to “Give them what they want” if that’s what it takes.


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