Fowler: Why not Harry Redknapp?


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Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler has backed Harry Redknapp to become the new manager at Anfield.

The Reds are looking for a new boss following the departure of Rafa Benitez and Fowler believes that Redknapp has the pedigree which they need.

Fowler said: “You want someone who has done well in the Premier League and knows how it works so you know, as a top man, why not Harry Redknapp?

“He’s done fantastic with Spurs and he would be a very good manager for Liverpool.

“I’m not saying they’ll go for him but he’s done fantastic at all the clubs he’s been at in the Premier League and so have Martin O’Neill and Roy Hodgson.”

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  1. Why not, because I don't think he would be interested in the move, why would he leave a club with money and the staff and players he knows and likes, has CL qualification and more money that Liverpool? Do they really think the Cop calls that much louder? I don't think so, well not for a Londoner like Harry anyway!

  2. You see, Liverpool can can offer something Spurs can't in Champio …. oh, no wait a minute! That's wrong!
    Spurs can offer Champions League football, something Liverpool can't – my God how good does that feel to say THAT!!!!

  3. Who is going to pay the money to Spurs for Redsnappps the Answer no one take no notice its desperation from Leeds mark two they are the new Titanic.

  4. i hate this newspaper talk, just when things look great the bloody boat gets rocked! what worries me he did walk out on pompey and southampton but surely surely it wont happen will it?

  5. It would make no sense for ‘Arry to leave spurs to join Liverpool…
    it does worry me tho that he hasnt come out to rubbish this story! Or is it so rediculous he doesnt have to???

  6. Not a chance harry will move to liverpool, living in bournemouth and all thats 1 hek of a journey. Hes settled now, Champions league football, Liverpool are a sinking ship, Were on the up! Why would he leave? COYS

  7. were spurs a shinking ship rock bottom i think when he took over spurs so why not liverpool where will spursend up next season back in mid table like everton in 2005 same shit liverpool will be back mark my words and spurs fans know it

  8. don't think so some how we have the money for a new stadium,transfer funds,Champions league,a decent settled team and no 1.1billion pounds of debt would you go?

  9. Yeah, thats right cos liverpool wont come out of this, thats it for them…….WHAT???

    Someone with deep pockets will buy liverpool, it is football history, it wont ‘do a leeds’

    im afraid that he loves liverpool, he loves anfield and hes always banging on about how no english manager will ever get to manage the traditional top four. Now if you ask me who he would want to manage out of those 4, i would have to say liverpool, the only doubt he can have is the money side and that wont last forever….

    He could even go there and improve things, he likes to do that, hes good at it and he has a history of being good at it. He also has a history of leaving for bigger clubs, not always, but he does want a shot at it.

    Hes very good mates with Kenny, his son is also good mates with Kenny and the boys.

    If he loses your championsleague match you will want him out.

    He wont have that at liverpool, hes just got to do better than rafa.

    He almost, almost moved to newcastle, so that suggests he could, maybe, relocate, at least until his reign ends.

    Hes ‘allegedly’ not happy that hes not been handed a new improved contract.

    Above everything he is VERY quite……..for Harry.

    PS: i hate liverpool

  10. Don't forget This is the decade of big shocks and big business going broke , one word for Liverpool fans to digest Woolworth's where always in the high street they have gone be worried very worried the Captain of the Titanic was from Liverpool Capt Mr Smith ,Without the money from champions league you could start sinking in a sea of dept Harry could doing the double if he goes to Liverpool Relegation docked 9 points and Jailed if he joins the reds red spells danger for Harry and he will steer clear if he speaks to Keane he will tell him the Mersey stinks on a windy day .

  11. that would fit nicely for you then dav, i suppose that could happen…….hard to think noone might want the most successful team in britain, still, i expect they will sink without a trace. yeah.


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