French newspaper implies that Lloris’ drink driving is more taboo in England

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris was caught drinking driving earlier this week, a shock to many in the footballing world, as the Frenchman is usually quiet, sensible and mature.

It is uncertain at the moment whether Lloris will lose his Tottenham captaincy, but French paper L’Equipe is confident that it will have no impact on his role with France.

L’Equipe seemed to imply that the issue of drink driving is more taboo in England, before taking an unnecessary swipe at the nation’s ‘hypercritical’ views on alcohol.

They had this to say on the matter: “In fact, this case will not have the same consequences for his image in France and England, where drunk driving is an absolute taboo, a limit not to be crossed in a country that has a love affair with that is hypocritical towards alcohol.

“While the FFF announced yesterday, in a statement, that it was a “private affair that will not affect the next meeting of the team of France”, the moral pressure of the media and the general English public is going to be considerable around the captain of the world champions and his club.”

It seems that the attitudes towards drink driving in the two nations contrast a little, at least in the opinions of L’Equipe anyway.

What are your thoughts? Do France have the right idea, or does the situation have to be taken seriously?

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  1. Here in Astralia drinkdriving is a serious offence.& the law & its punishment to guilty persons are severe.
    Drink drivng & drugs are very serious offences.The question to be asked from everyone do you indulge regularly in binge drinking or is the first time that you were overdoing your drinking,if so why did you not take a taxi home?why did you endanger other peoples lives by your irrational thinking?


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