MF looks ahead to Fulham v Spurs


Fulham away. Everyone knows the score by know we’ve played them so often in the past couple of years. Tricky place to go, Meccano stands at the ends, brick folly in the corner, beer backpacks, Damien Duff, Bobby Zamora and the seven foot Hangeland.

It’s somewhere we’ve done reasonably well recently, the Hutton/Dawson suicide pact in January being the exception. Other than that embarrassment we’ve taken lots of draws, Huddlestone’s controversial strike gave us the points last season but it was a typically tight game full of terrier like midfield play from the home team and a stop go display from us.

We are full of confidence and in good form, Fulham’s has been patchy, but they remain the only side to take a point from Moneybags City so far so can’t be taken lightly. As usual we’ll wait on the fitness of Ledley but for this game the appearance of Harry on the touchline, should he make it, will have extra meaning. Both he and the home manager will receive good applause from the away end.

Assuming there have been no additional knocks in training this week it’d be a surprise if we don’t start with the same team as last Sunday. We won’t be given as much room as we were by QPR and it’ll be a surprise if we’re allowed to make as many chances so it’s important that we take what we can and this probably means Adebayor being a lot more clinical than he has been of late. At the back, Duff has more than enough guile to prey on Walker’s defensive frailties, Zamora always plays like Pele against us and Dempsey has been a regular scorer this season so there’s plenty there to keep Kaboul, Parker et al occupied when we’ve not got the ball. The employment of Sandro as a strategic substitute might be crucial.

Peter Walton is in charge, he reffed us at Wolves in September.

A fourth away win of the season won’t be easy. Fulham at home are feisty. We’ll probably need three points though to stay in touch with Newcastle, and who thought we’d be saying that at the start of November? COYS.


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  1. I hope we play a 4-2-3-1






    With lennon and defoe to on the bench to change things up- if we play this team we should win comfortably! 3-0

    • completely agree mate its tuff away days like this when you need to not be naive play both parker and sandro in the middle then bale modric vdv and ade in front of them are more than capable of getting the job done in an attacking sense.God i think we have such a talented team so much potential

  2. You do have to question why Sandro didn't travel last night.

    I like the above team suggestions. Lennon did do well last week however: got two assists and set up a number of other chances. Good sub to have mind.

    I wonder if this is the sort of game (scrappy as suggested above) that you might benefit from having two up front and including the 'predetory' Defoe. Perhaps, despite being in the best form and fittest since he's been with us, lennon for VDV in the above (robbie's) team with the idea that VDV can some times slow the game down? Would they be able to live with Modric pinging it around in the pocket?

  3. silly article to be honest as regards craven cottage, its still one of the few grounds which means something as regards the spirit of british football. wanna talk about stadiums in that light then how about this……
    White Hart Lane ,pokey little modern wannabee stadium in gasoline alley. We had a stadium that meant something now we have something that could be anyones.
    I like the cottagers and always have done, watching them at home is like the old match of the day games in the 60's because the viewpoints are the same ones as then due to their stadium. Its a great stadium in my book and long may it live. Like if you go us, Chelsea or the scum you are looking at post 2000 boredom architecture. But I suppose that may be lost on the likes of the modern football fan who lives to see 222 prima donnas run round in shorts exposing wax legs.

  4. we need to play the sandwich ploy, put Dempsey in the roll then close it with salad from both sides.I knoew this Monkey called Dave who says we should play Townsend more up front and keep Chucky back but this monkey (hes a U rang O tang) dont really know football much.

  5. I think we should definitely play with 1 in goal and 10 out field players, some stopping the there team from scoring others in the middle and the others trying to score goals.

  6. yes middleclassfootyfan i agree, its so nice to meet a better class of fan here, are you a pimms person because i am!!!!! We should create a new section for us middlecass fans, im actually scum but aspire to the better things in life, I-ve stopped shopping at aldi and now go to waitrose.I like the idea of ten outfield players, brilliant idea.lets me at the next game at a nice up market watering hole and discuss the middle class viewpoint on Spurs . I-ll see if Davspurs can come

  7. Good to see Joe Jordan agreed with my idea. I saw MOTD yesterday and noticed that a lot of other teams used that tactic too. Enjoyed our game today. I took along some Pimms and a salmon map for half time. Isn't Harringey a marvelously multi-cultural area?


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