Galatasary star on verge of Spurs move?


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Speculation linking Tottenham Hotspur with a move for Arda Turan is increasing.

The 23-year-old left-winger is the captain of Galatasaray and already has over 30 caps for Turkey.  He previously been linked with moves to Arsenal and Liverpool.

Some reports claim that the player will sign a five-year deal with Spurs once he returns from international duty in the USA in early June.  Others are suggesting that Giovani dos Santos could be part of the deal.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens!  In the mean time, here’s a quick YouTube video of him (apologies for the Scooter soundtrack, but it isn’t our video!):-


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    • exactly…he's a bit Adel T based….would love to see some video of his final ball, the ones in this video are not great…

  1. Harry has got the midas touch, if anybody can bring the best out of a Player its him!!
    Harry is God in disguise!

  2. i told everyone about this player about 4 years ago and evrybody was saying "never heard of him" "he can do it in turkey but not in the prem" well he has showed he can do it in europe and on the international stage.
    well dont say i told you so

  3. I informed a few mates that he was going to sign originally last August but their chairman worried about fans backlash, he bottled it at the 11. Hour, He will sign for Spurs..he plays on the left but actually two footed and can easily play when lennon aint around, this sounds like The End for bentley.

  4. A few points: I am a bit worried because people are so dazzled by the video that they have neglected to note that he is a left-winger. A move for him could stifle Bale again. Iver says that he is 2-footed, well he appeared to be right-footed in that video (I may be wrong) – which could suggest that he could do either wing – however we have Lennon. I am worried that we may disturb a strong area for Spurs when we have other areas that need strengthening. The interesting thing is that when Bale is double-teamed, his threat is removed – but this guy seems to do fine whilst quadruple-teamed or more! Lastly, apology accepted for that soundtrack – that must have been the least appropriate choice for a football compilation video.

  5. This guy would be perfect. IMO we need a left winger to allow us to move Bale back to LB. I thought it would be Bellamy but Turan is better and younger. Please let it happen. I have heard Kewell is moving on from Galatasaray. I can't see them letting two naturally left sided players leave. Especially two with their experience and quality. This is doubtful i think

  6. he's right footed, but he plays on the left as an inverted winger usually. rijkaard is his coach, and rijkaard loves an inverted winger.

  7. What i like (going by this one youtube clip :-s ) is he beats player after player but if he thinks he'll lose it he passes it. If only Adel had learnt this

  8. definitely right footed.
    'Goal of the year' looked offside and actually a bad cross that got lucky, who are these muppets!?

    • Sorry big al, I'm sure somewhere down the line the penny drops that u cannot be offside from a throw in.

      Think before u type.

  9. certainly dont want bale back at left back! he has been poor over the past few seasons there – even when arry played him there, goes in at left wing and he is immense, bale is not a left back simple signing this guy would disturb that left wing bale right wing lennon combo, but…… would be an ideal signing for back up and as someone else posted will spell the end for bentley – shame as i like the guy and at least he is english, does not matter anyhow as this deal will not happen ( and u certainly cant judge a player on a 5 min you tube video i mean im sure you can make paulo tramazzani look good in a 5 min youtube vid pmsl )

  10. Arda is a class act……perfect for Champion League and a step up against the premiership rivals.
    Sign him now please!

  11. If you were to look at a complilation of Taarabts best moments he would look just as good, problem is with these youtube clips is they never highlight the bad points!

    • Pani. I am part Turkish Cypriot and do not really get your point. What does the Cyprus issue have to do with Spurs signing Arda. Are you saying that only Greek Cypriots support Spurs or what? Cause if it is, you are deluded and are in no position to comment on anything financial considering the state of economical affairs in Greece. Peace and love brother.

  12. As a greek cypriot I would welcome him to WHL with open arms, I am hoping the greek/turkish cypriots will work things out…hopefully they centries of hate will stop and open a new chapter in greek/turkish relations and peace. Come on you Spurs and Harry is God.

  13. Can my fellow Spurs fans tell me how proud you felt when six players where picked to represent England . And before some of my fans start saying we are a global Team that is also right , but with the new rules on British based players having to be in your squad of 25 then Buying overseas players would be bad for our home nations and our Squad . Don't forget we have finished fourth with a good English Spine in our squad and this makes me even more proud .This is our next exciting players will if Harry trust them make us jump out of our seats in admirasion of there Skill the next Dawson King Mr Caulker the next Hudds Bostock Bale Townsend and two individualist Mason and Parrett .So lets not overlook our emerging Talent Because it has served us well and is cheap Hudds Lennon Bale Rose Dawson have all grown with the Tottenham way never a dull moment even in defeat and and Fanstatic Football when winning

  14. Looks an awesome player. Don't see him stifling Bale and/or Lennon because with the increased number of games, we will have to rotate the team in certain parts anyway. Would be great to have a player of his flair and end product gracing the Lane in the Champions League.

  15. First off he's class and has much better ball delivery and player beating ability than Bale. He does it with pace and with guile and does it from both wings. So huge upgrade on Bentley and will hopefully allow us to start playing 4-3-3 where Bale would just come from deeper. This wold be a much smarter signing than Bellamy, and IMO, would show that Spurs aren't just looking to next year, but years to come. He will grow with the team, and has lots of international experience. He won't break the bank and if rumours of a swap including Gio are correct, it will be for very little, while keeping wages reasonable. We'll certainly have lots left in the bank after selling on Bentley, Gio, Taraabt and Jenas, because with Turan in the fold, none of those guys will play. MF of Palacios, Sandro, Hudd, Modric, Kranjcar, Lennon, Turan, Rose, Bale. Add someone like Van der Vaart or Cole to round it all out and we'd have one of the best MF in the EPL. COYS – hoping it's going to happen.

  16. Yeah someone did say that Turan was cheaper than going for Silva a few days ago. He seems like a soloist though. And he seems right footed

  17. He might be a solid player in the Turkish league but we need to signal our intent by going after players like Rafael Van der Vaart and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

    Many expect us to sell Keane (£10m), Hutton (£7m), Jenas (£7m), O' Hara (£7m), Dos Santos (£3m), Taarabt (£2m) and possibly Pavlyuchenko (£14m). We have the monetary ability to attract the bigger names now.

    Van der Vaart and Huntelaar are the type of quality we need to add to what we have now.

    • I'd say he has Champions League experience as well as being an international,and captain of one of the biggest clubs in Turkey,that's got to be a massive plus for an undoubtedly talented player.But I agree with Van Der Vaart and Huntelaar,although it will be a risk if we sign the latter as his goals have dried recently.

  18. I had high hopes for Gio, Ive been hoping he'd get a chance, but if Arda comes to the lane I'd let Gio go. Arda is a genious.crossing my fingers.

  19. Jenas is the biggest enigma I've ever witnessed. You tell me one thing he lacks as a professional footballer?
    Capello picked him as have other England managers, he's been given ample opportunity to prove himself, but fails to deliver. My fear is all of that talent, will benefit another, less deserving team should he leave the Lane.
    At least with Huddlestone the penny dropped, as it did with Bentley, Bale, and Lennon in case we've forgotten how poor he was before Redknapp's arrival. But JJ?, You really do my head in!


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