Bale-Diniho – Who wants to join him?


So everyone’s either writing about him, reading about him, talking about him or tweeting about him, and why not? The fact is our very own Bale-Diniho being voted both the PFA & young PFA player of the year is “massive”

OK, it doesn’t mean we’ll now automatically qualify for the Champions League because of it, but what it does mean is the profile of the club will have been raised too.

For Gareth it’s a fantastic achievement, “wow” think about, you’ve just been named PLAYER of the YEAR, The BEST player in the biggest league in “WORLD” football, how must he be feeling? He’s on top of the world, and of course he’s not one of those players who’s a one season wonder either, with his pace and shooting ability he’s “always” gonna be able to do something special.

He’s gonna be around for a few years yet, and don’t be surprised if he becomes the first ever player to win the award 3 times, coz I won’t be!

If Bale is to stay with us, and who knows for how long? but if he wants to stay other players, good players, might want to come and play alongside him? Players from all over Europe will today know Gareth Bale has just won the Premier League’s “Player of the Year” they will probably now also know it’s the second time he’s won it in three years “and” they will definitely know he plays for Tottenham Hotspur.

These players will probably be seeing his long-range goals on their T.V’s today, they will be seeing his amazing runs from one end of the pitch to the other and banging it in, or swinging in a cross in a million for someone to run onto and smash into the net. Most of these players will be saying to their team mates “Yeah Bale won it” “Did you see that goal he scored? or Jesus he’s fast did you see that run” all the while they’ll know he plays for Spurs, and then if they look a little deeper they’ll see a different picture to what we see.

At the moment we’re all worried about finishing in the Champions League spots, but they won’t know that, the points tally is close and on paper we’re up there with the better sides in the division, so they might look a little closer still and what they’ll see looks very good.

Because what they’ll see is the French Captain & No1 Hugo Lloris in our goal, they’ll see the SuperVan at the back, they’ll recognise names like Sandro Lennon Defoe and Adebayor, they’ll see us up top fighting for a Champions League spot. All in all they’ll see Tottenham Hotspur as a Club worth considering joining if Levy & Co come knocking.

Now, I’m not saying Messi Ronaldo and alike suddenly wanna start playing for Spurs, but what I am saying is decent players, players making names for themselves and players who currently play for “good” “big clubs” who might fancy coming to the Premier League will know see Spurs as a Club well worth looking at, just like Lloris and Vertonghen did.

So as massive as this is for our Bale-Diniho, and as great as it is for us Spurs fans who can officially and quite rightly so brag “we’ve” got the best player in the league in our side, this could also be “MASSIVE” for Tottenham Hotspur too.

So “WHO” fancy’s joining him then?

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    Can we have a discussion about Spurs 2nd best plater of the season please?

    Would be interesting discussion I think


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