The future of Gareth Bale


So I’ll guess the debate will rage on for some time now, fuelled by those who would love to see AVB fail. After Gareth Bale’s recent performances & with all eyes on him he’ll have put himself up there as one of Europe’s hottest footballing properties and almost definitely be attracting the attentions of some major clubs. His blistering pace & his eye for goal have always been evident but arguably in previous seasons he hasn’t always been as consistent as he appears to be of late. Not helped of course by the ‘old school’ type who can’t play him, and therefore try their utmost to maim him (Charlie Adam).

This season however, he seems to have flourished under the guidance of AVB and many are starting to believe he won’t be a Tottenham player by the beginning of the ’13/’14 season due to his eye catching form so far in this campaign. Especially if we don’t qualify for the Champions League.

But what means more to Gareth? Champions League football or being a key part of a progressive club who could achieve great things. Now arguably he could walk into most clubs who have an established Champions League pedigree & find himself instantly involved but I strongly believe that he is the sort of player who would want to ‘see the job through’ with Spurs & give it a little more time at least.

He knows he’s loved by the fans & hugely respected by his team mates alike. I’m not naive and I know many modern players are too keen to find instant success as opposed to sticking with a work in progress but, call me a fool, I have a hunch that Gareth Bale will stick around for at least another year and continue to help the club we all love to progress further. Here’s hoping. COYS

By Steve Long

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  1. I hoe he doesn’t make the same mistake as berbatov and modric, imagine if they’d both stayed, where we might be, I just hope money doesn’t take over, how many years has Garrick been at Man U, and still they (the fans) don’t see how good he is. The best thing in our favour is that super Gary Neville doesn’t rate Bale so maybe, just maybe. On the other hand it looks like Bale is going to drag us into the champions league, no sign of him sulking ala modric and spending the season in the centre circle and then saying I’m leaving for champions league.

  2. You traitorous co.cksuckers make me SICK. You post a rticles like this you`re not Spurs fans ur anti-SPurs fans. Bale plays a blinder and u talk about his future? He`son a 4 year deal..u guys should STFU and go support Arsenal u bunch of scumbags. Idiots stirring up s.hit instead of letting the best player Spurs have had since Klinsmann just PLAY. You`re a joke!!!


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