Gary Neville makes laughable Spurs claim

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SkySports pundit Gary Neville believes that Tottenham’s position as a top six club is the most vulnerable, and the best chance for Everton to force their way in.

He claims that Everton may be able to usurp Spurs as they move into their new stadium and struggle with spending.

Since arriving at the club, Pochettino has done wonders for Tottenham, finishing in the top three for the last three seasons running.

But now out top six position is under threat, Gary?

A lack of spending power is also unlikely to topple Tottenham, as they are not spending any money at the moment anyway.

They became the first club in Premier League history not to buy a single player in the summer transfer window.

Pochettino has only actually spent a net sum of just under £30m since arriving at the club.

I would stick to the commentary and punditry Gary, leave the predictions to someone else.

Neville said on MNF  this week (reported by Football): “Depends what you mean by breaking it. Can they sustain it over many, many years, if you think about where the top six are at, at the moment, you could target Tottenham. Think about the fact that Tottenham are obviously, they’re spending on the team in the last couple of years has been less but the team is fantastic.

“What will happen there in the next few years when they move into the new stadium? Will that give them more spending power or will that mean they have to curb their spending? Very difficult for Everton to break the spending of the other teams even though I think they have net spend £145m in the last couple of seasons.

“What I would say is there is a massive improvement in the nature of their team. We know what David Moyes did there many years ago but there has been a big transition in these last two or three years. You’re now watching an Everton team that actually I think you like again. There’s an energy to them, there’s a mobility to them: Richarlison, Bernard, they all look like they have bags of energy, loads of talent, it’s a different time of Everton. Historically they’ve been quite rigid in their play, this feels a little more off the lines.

“I think Tottenham have recruited brilliantly over the last few years, I think it is about recruitment. If Tottenham were to lose two or three players and Everton were to continue what they do now, you could see that transfer of positions. They’re the only one I can see that are in their sights long term. Not now because I think Tottenham are a great side at the moment.”

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  1. He’s right, Everton May well be behind us but if they continue to spend and we refuse to do so, they will catch us. If there’s any true in Usmanov being involved the me really are in the shit.


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