Former Spur issues plea to fans over social media

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Tottenham have now lost their last three games in all competition, and the criticism of both the team and the management is rising.

Spurs lost a 1-0 lead away to Watford in game week 4, after leading with only 15 minutes or so left on the clock.

Tottenham then followed this up with a dismal 2-1 loss to Liverpool at home, sending them back to 6th in the table, a huge six points behind Liverpool and Chelsea after only five games.

Finally, Tottenham took to the San Siro pitch on Tuesday, putting in their best performance of the season. They led the game 1-0 with 85 minutes gone, and ended up losing 2-1 again.

The likes of Graham Roberts and Micky Hazard have shown their support for the Tottenham management and board, and have received heavy backlash from fans for it.

Roberts even threatened to shut down his Twitter account over the rows.

Gary Stevens has now weighed in on the debate, calling for an end to all arguments, and some solidarity behind the team.

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  1. Loyal fans of Spurs have every right to be angry.At the start of the transfer window they were led to believe that the squad would be strengthened It did not happen,we were told that there no players available that could improve the squad.,in fact that the squad was good enough which seemed to be the case for the first 3 games.Then it transpired that without naming rights and the problems with the stadium
    ‘s extra costs have perhaps impacted not only the present but future team investment.Poch is doing his best,Where is Levy ?I would suggest that the owner and chairman of ENIC show far greater support to THFC and explayers should back the paying supporters (no free tickets for them) in telling ENIC to get a grip.

  2. Of course Spurs fans are pissed. We are constantly fed lines of bull dookies. Poch just keeps telling us it takes time. Even after the Liverpool game he said it will take time to become our best. Well if you dont come into the season at your best, there is no reason to think you have a chance at anything. Just another hope for the best season. Soon, once again, we will be hearing, maybe next season.


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