“This isn’t the first time I’ve found reason to grit my teeth where Dele Alli is concerned . He has a streak in him which is, to be blunt, nasty” said former Leeds United and Blackburn star John Giles.

Writing in his column for the Irish Independent  Giles was complimentary of Mauricio Pochettino for calling Dele out, this time, for an “outrageous dive” against Huddersfield at the weekend.

However Giles was critical of Pochettino for missing a chance to have a bigger impact on a “formative mind”. The former Republic of Ireland International stated he feels Pochettino could have had a better impact on Dele’s behaviour last season.

Giles goes on to say that maybe if Pochettino had stated publicly when he gave an interview saying that he wouldn’t want to lose his ‘edge’, but that the midfielder needed to calm down,that a player as talented as Dele shouldn’t be throwing himself on the ground.

Giles also comments that it’s not just the diving with Alli, that he has a habit of doing rash things and when the two are combined, he sees a player who needs someone to tell him some harsh truths.

The former Leeds man says despite him beng a “wonderful player, who can change a game in one instant” but also has the capacity to mess things up for the rest of his team by doing something stupid.

Giles finishes his column by saying that Dele need only look to Harry Kane for a role model. That Harry has all the fight and hunger you could ever ask from an attacking player and he is also someone who doesn’t court controversy.

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