Ginola would love to manage Spurs


David Ginola has recently revealed that he would love to return to Tottenham in the future and become manager.

Ginola was speaking to Your Demise as part of the icebreaker series in association with Jä, which breaks the ice for bands to meet legends from outside their day-to-day world and gives them the opportunity to ask them those questions they have always wanted to.

“I love [Spurs]. I love the people. I love the stadium. I love the shirt. It would be an honour to go back there as the manager”

The interview was conducted by Ed McRae from Your Demise. Anyhow, just click on the vid below to watch.

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  1. I would love to see him back at the lane. I feel he should be given a role as a coach wth the chance to step up. Not be a manager out of the blue. Go on Levy, let hi study management with us

  2. David Ginola, don't you just love him. I could see him as manager a few years down the line. Can you imagine the type of football we would play? I think he would have to employ a defensive coach though to train the THREE defenders that Ginola would employ in his formation. You will always be a legend at the Lane, David.

  3. I've seen em all at W.H.L and Ginola is right up among the greatest of them all. Whether he would be a great manager or not I'm not so sure, but it would certainly be interesting

  4. Legend! Nice to hear and see a player/ex-player love the club as much as we do. We need people of his flair and his passion around our club.


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