Give AVB time, Mr Levy


When Levy sacked ‘Arry and appointed good old AVB, eyebrows were raised to breaking point. A young, to a certain extent unproven, manager is always a risky choice, particularly in the EPL with our merciless media but we know Levy likes a risk. But how much time will he give AVB to restructure the squad and get Spurs into the top 4?

In his last job, AVB opted to change Chelski from top to bottom, remove the ‘old guard’ and install his view of football on the squad as quickly as possible. This went dramatically wrong, as a combination of his youthful naivety and some HUGE egos contrived against him to put him out of a job after a mere eight months. But it’s important not to read too much into this – at Porto, although admittedly it was a weaker league, he won the title and the Europa League. He clearly formed a strong bond with his players, with Joao Moutinho particularly liking being under the management of AVB.

As a Spurs fan, I seriously hope that Levy gives AVB the whole season, as his system needs time to be imposed on the young Spurs squad. AVB’s high line and formation will be a bit of a shock to the system for the team, who got used to an effective system under ‘Arry, but with time the team will gel together with the system. If we get a good start, say 10 to 12 points from 5 games, then morale will be high and the team could challenge for top 4 or even the title. But a bad start should not make us panic. Despite being extremely infuriating, it’s understandable that we will have a slow start, and as long as this does develop into some decent, flowing form then we can still have a good season.

Levy just needs to give AVB the financial and moral backing that he needs to achieve success. Another rash decision will help nobody. So please Mr Levy, keep AVB for a while. Let him grow as a manager and let the team grow under him. We will achieve success, but don’t expect us to be top at Christmas. As a wise man once said, patience is a virtue.

By Alex Beck

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  1. Just fed up starting a fresh with yet another manager, new style of play, meaning yet another poor start to the season which means no CL the next season which will see more players sold because they want CL football. Should AVB be in anyway successful at Spurs he will leave us as we would not meet his ambitions which will be to win the CL. Modric left because he can’t see us being in the top 4 at the end of this season if HR was still there then I think he would have stayed. Should we not be in the top 4 I January then Bale VDV and others will get ready to be off. We must start well we dont have the luxury of last season’s poor start excuses we start with Newcastle who can be taken as a rival for a European place so a draw is minimum. Any idea why parker knowing he was injured had a holiday first and then his operation followed by another holiday?

  2. Problem is when is he going to give hime the financial backing? Vertonghan and Siggerson were more or less 'done deals' before AVB arrived – since then plenty og rumour but nothing. We see Man U signing RVP to add to their strike force of Rooney, Webeck, Hernedez, Macheda and Berbatov. We've got one experienced striker and a rookie!
    If Levy was serious about wanting to get Spurs back into the big time he wouldn't leave AVB with a weaker squad than we finished last season. We haven't strengthened we've just replaced. Vertonghan for King and Siggerson makes up the midfield numbers left by the departure of Krancjar. We've also without Adebayor, Modric, Corluka from last season along with Saha and Nelson who granted were supposed to be just short term signings presumably to be replaced by longer term signings this summer.
    Now the season starts tomorrow and squad wise we're in a right state! We're told it take players a few games to settle in. Surely the purpose of pre season friendlies is to help the squad gel and introduce the new faces. We're now probably talking about at least 4 or 5 games to get a squad settled in together before 'firing on all four cylinders.' We've got an away game against one of our main rivals – a defeat would mean we're up against it and the pressure will be on straight away.
    I know Daniel Levy is a top businessman, however to be honest this shows a lack of common sence. As it turned out over the last couple of seasons if we had gained just a few more points we would have been in the champions league so why give away points early in the season whenever we have seen before they can be so vital. Remember last year the 'Modric problem' caused us to drop points and leak goals – surely we can learn from our mistakes.
    We're not in the position yet to be squeezing the last pound out of transfer deals. Sometimes you have to pay a bit over the odds to get the best players in, then when you get that success along with the financial awards, you can be a bit more pushy in the market as we become a 'bigger player' in the market. I'm afraid the short term excitement of bringing in AVB and how things will be better than they were under Harry have long since faded. We got the impression that their would be funds available for a real strenthening of the squad and a push for glory but I'm afraid its 'the same old same old…'
    Don't tell me we can make signings in January. The window then is for just tweeking the squad not changing the whole thing. Sorry but it looks like a season of mid table mediocrity and thats coming from a die hard spurs supporter. I would take great pleasure if I'm wrong!!

  3. So you think we would have got CL this season with Harry? No, so it's not about this season it's about the future and getting regular CL football and for that we needed to change and bring in a progressive Manger who will build a squad and bring on the youth. We have a new fantastic traing facilty, will we have a new fantastic stadium, so we need a new fantastic management team. I think we will get CL this season and we will finish above bot Chelsea and Arsenal, so there na na na na

  4. give avb a break-only 2 players different from last season_king gone vert in with the ice man-very strong young side and withn 2 more top buys in(Certainty) we will be up there_why are all spurs supporters such pessimists.

  5. I’m certain we won’t have to worry, everybody … Mr levy , avb, & his team ,the players and the fans who all know we could easily had finished in 2nd or 3rd position… We all have to prove our doubters wrong , so there isn’t anyone worrying, we should be optimistically expectant that everyone wants to shine.

  6. Mr levy and AVB could go a long way to take this this club to the very top , only if they do not sell the best players like selling DAWSON TO QPR, VAN DE VAART TO UNITED, we must keep our best players.


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