“It would take a good offer for us to sell him”


Roman Pavlyuchenko - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp has insisted that Roman Pavlyuchenko will not be sold on the cheap if he is to leave Tottenham Hotspur.

The 29-year-old admitted last week that he would seek a move away from White Hart Lane in January if he does not play more often.

Pav, currently fourth choice striker has little chance of breaking into Harry Redknapp’s plans ahead of Defoe, Van der Vaart and Adebayor.

“Pav has to keep working hard and see what happens. It’s up to the club,” Redknapp said.

“I suppose it’s possible (that he will leave). If he feels it will hamper his chances of playing in Euro 2012, but it would take a good offer for us to sell him.

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  1. I agree his time at Spurs has not worked out and he probably will and should move on,but we have too get as much as possible for him.Some of his goals he scored were class but he just does,nt score enough or even look dangerous to opposing teams.It was always going to be hard to replace Berbatov and one can only wonder what might have been if Berbatov had stayed at Spurs.

  2. Hes a wanker. Everything Russian in London is corrupt or wankerish.
    By the way every time you go boozing in Eastern Europe you are contributing to the ped brothels Russians set up so you are no better than a ped.The worst place is Prague.

  3. Big g you sir are an idiot. What a way to change the argument. Where is this 'Eastern Europe' you refer to I assume you have been to every country have you? Just wondering how many countries are counted in this statement. I wasn't aware the cup of coffee I bought in Vilnuis a few weeks back made me a 'ped'. Back to Pav I've seen the stats for goals per min for Pav would love to see the same for Crouch. Some games I honestly thought could go on her days and Crouch still wouldn't find the next. His shots barely reached the goal he was so weak.


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