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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp rang up Steve Kean on Monday to talk up Rovers’ prospects.

Apparently Harry was so impressed with Blackburn’s performance in our 2-1 win at Ewood Park at the weekend that he phoned the under pressure boss to give him support.

Kean has been targeted by a section of their support who want him to be sacked.

The Rovers boss told a Tuesday press conference: “It’s coming and I take great credit when somebody of Harry Redknapp’s experience and ability calls me yesterday and tells me that.

“The mood’s good. Sunday was a game where we had a consistent performance. In previous matches we’ve sometimes had a good first-half performance, not so good in the second, but I think we had a good 90-minute performance and I think we were very unlucky.

“You look at the second goal, where there’s a deflection that comes off somebody’s knee and falls into the stride pattern of Van der Vaart.

“Then when we’ve looked through our chances, (Aiyegbeni) Yakubu’s got a header that’s hit Gareth Bale on the back, there’s three or four set-plays that have just fallen between a couple of players. But what we need to do is focus on continuing to make that amount of chances.

“I don’t think on Sunday we had a bad player on the pitch. That’s our standard now, and what we’ve got to do is keep that because I thought it was a real contrast from the last time we played Newcastle.”

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  1. Why doesn't Harry stay out of something that has absolutely nothing to do with him?!

    He doesn't pay Kean's wages, and pay to watch his dire brand of football. We do… The Rovers fans…

    He doesn't know half the lies Kean has come out with including drink driving!

    How many games has he watched under Kean 'one'? Does he really think this qualifies him as capable to ring and back him up?!

    Honestly… What a idiot!

    • Tombo – Before you call anyone an idiot maybe you should look in a mirror – Modern day football is all about money and with the greatest of respect Rovers dont have any !!!!
      In the last three years our spending on players has been 5 times as much as yours and Despite spending budgets you guys gave us a real game the weekend…. it was a close call which shows the managers strategies and the players efforts where 100% …PITY we cant say the same about some of the FANS…

      • Well, I for one agree that Harry is not an idiot. I think he is a great manager, and his record shows that. But that is the point. Steve Kean is very far from being even a decent manager, and his record proves it. We were very lucky to survive last season, and couldn't beat either relegated sides, Blackpool or Birmingham at home in the run in. In fact we only equalised in the 3rd minute of extra time against a poor Blackpool outfit to scrape a point.

        I also agree that modern football is to a large extent about money. But again, Kean and the owners have boasted over and over about buying marquee players and playing Champions League football in three years. Now Kean lies about ever saying these things, and claims journalists "mis quoted." Just like he claimed that someone in the Director's Lounge had spiked his drinks before he was caught for drink driving.

        Despite Kean claiming he had a huge transfer budget for the summer window, we finished with the Venky's pocketing money after the sale of Jones and Kalinic. (Net spend minus £10.2M) Even so, Kean continually fed fans rubbish, claiming that we were buying star player after star player all through the summer. He has also claimed, over and over, that Junior Hoilett will sign a new contract "in the next 24 hours." In short, the man does not tell the truth.

        Now spending a great deal on players doesn't always pay dividends – just look at David Bentley, but why keep hood-winking the fans? Why not just come out and say, we have to be clever with our money, instead of claiming to be among the richest of clubs?

        I suppose that would require honesty. The same sort of honesty we would like after the match. We don't wants a deluded pile of clap-trap about how "unlucky" we were, and about how "if they chances had gone in," and how his team is playing great.

        We must have been playing some pretty lucky teams for the past 30 matches, because we have only won 6. We were a damn sight luckier than that under Mark Hughes and Big Sam!

        As for the fans not giving 100% you are dead wrong there. The fans protested before the game, but not at all during the 90 minutes. For 90 minutes every Rovers fan got right behind the team. Only after the final whistle did the banners come out and the protest start – and the club tried to drown out the protest with loud music. Kean said he "wasn't paying any attention" to the fans protesting! How arrogant is that? The club and the manager are just not listening! However, three of the players that we supported during the game, came out to applaud the protest – what does that tell you?

        We support Rovers, and we have just cause to be very, very concerned at how the owners seem more than happy to steer us to relegation while systematically easing out everyone and anyone at Ewood Park who knows how to run a football club. Sam Allardyce, John Williams, Tom Finn, the club doctor.. the list goes on and on.

        As fellow fans, you too should be concerned for us. We are a founder member of the Football League and ex Premiership Champions, but our future is far from certain. Something at Ewood is not right, and there seems to be a reluctance by the press to properly investigate, while football figures like Harry, want to blame the fans who are sounding the alarm.

  2. tombo 1984, what the hells wrong with another manager sticking up for a fellow manager? they get sacked if they have a bad run of 5 games. have u ever met kean? cause harry has hasnt he. and if he wants to give his opinion,just like you have given yours,what is your problem? you dont like kean cause hes not a star name, but judging by how you played against us spurs on sunday, you will be just fine with him

  3. Steve kean is a shite manager it’s that simple,30 games & 6 wins absolute shite but the clueless trio in pune don’t give a shit so he’ll be staying,


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