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How often do we ‘blow it’ against a bottom 3 side? How many times does a bottom 3 side either do the ‘double’ over us or get at least 4 points out of 6? The answer – MANY. Many years ago it was Bolton, a few years ago it was Wolves, then it was West Brom, this time it’s Wigan. I could go on as to be honest there are many more that can be mentioned, but we don’t want to be too dispirited.

On the day we had good news /bad news. The good news was that Bale has said he would stay at the club if we reach the top 4, the bad news is he wont if we don’t – and it’s now obvious he (and others) won’t be at the club next year.

Lets be honest with ourselves. If we can’t get a win in two matches against teams like Wigan, we simply do not deserve to get into the Champions League. AVB said when he took over that he would be a ‘failure’ if we did not reach the top 4, so perhaps he should also start looking for a new job?

My concern (and those of you who read my first blog back in August) will concur, is that we will need to start looking for a new manager and new players.

As I said only a couple of weeks ago, if we struggle against teams like Lyon and lose to second-rate Swiss sides like Basel, we would not go far in the Champions League anyway.

What would happen if we reached the Champions League? Levy would do his usual and just keep the money and not spend it when needed (just like in January). We need a clear out at the ‘top’ before we are to go any further.

I feel devastated that we teams like Wigan (a bottom 3 side) take 4 out of 6 points from us, but as I said, it has happened many times before and no doubt will unfortunately happen again. But check the records over the years to see how many teams in the bottom 3 have taken massive points away from us. So once again we are the laughing stock of North London, London in general, and in fact probably the whole country.

I desperately hope I am wrong in this situation, but I hate to say it, but it has to be said. I really think it’s Goodnight Nurse for yet another year.

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    • You utter arsehole Terry. If that is the only thing you can say, your better off not saying anything. As the guy says, it's every single year we lose to bottom 3 teams. Facts are Facts, and the guy is simply giving those facts. If anyone is the WANKER, it's YOU Terry

    • Terry The Tosser. Your vocab is incredible. There is only one wanker on here and thats you. Cheeky is absolutely right when he gives the 'Facts', maybe i dont agree about AVB – or maybe i will depending on what happens – but the Fact is that we do struggle against the shit teams year in, year out. They are Facts and cant be disputed. Cheeky blames Levy for some things, many of us do, and at the end of the day it is only opinions. Obviously Terry The Tosser is incappable of writing more than one word, at least Cheeky has the intelligence to right, whether or not people agree. Keep up the great work Cheeky.

    • The reason he keeps managing to write articles is that 99% of the time he has been proved 'Right'. It's nobjockeys like you Max and Wankers like Terry who can only be abusive and obscene. Thats why you dont write articles – in fact i doubt whether either of you can actually write.

  1. 'teams like Lyon' – they are a Champions League standard side
    'second-rate Swiss side' – who just happened to win at home to Bayern and Man U last year
    'laughing stock of the whole country – what? We are in 5th place and still firmly in the hunt for Champions League
    'we simply do not deserve to be in the Champions League' – if we come top 4, we do. If we come 5th, we don't. Simple as. Chelsea lost at home to QPR! Do they not deserve Champions League football either?
    'it's now obvious [Bale] won't be at the club next year ' – I still think he will stay. He loves the club and can see where we are going with it.Also, we could still very easily come top 4.
    'Levy would do his usual and just keep the money' – Levy has bought us Modric, Vertonghen, VdV, Lennon, Sandro, Dembele, Berbatov, Defoe, Keane, Dawson, Lloris, Holtby, Sigurdsson and many more over the last few years. He is the best Chairman we have had for a long long time, possibly even ever.

    What have you got to say about this 'CheekyCockney'?

  2. Look at the raw data in terms of revenue etc. We are pushing above our weight. Yeah it is frustrating not to beat wigan, but these guys beat man u last year. Also these points against Everton and wigan can be a point gained. And Lyon and Basle are seasoned European teams , to whom we did not lose.

  3. I actually agree with Cheeky. If we cant beat teams like Wigan, we dont deserve to be in the champions league. As Cheeky says, lets hope he is wrong, but i think he will be right – unfortunately.

  4. Another great piece Cheeky, take no notice of the obscene idiots on here, they are worthless.

    As a couple of people have already said, you have given Facts regarding matches against bottom 3 teams and as much as it hurts to agree, if we cant beat teams like that we dont deserve Champions League football.

    It isonce again (as of Sunday night) back in our own hands, but we have teams like Southampon and Sunderland still to play, so probably points lost there, and then a win against Chelsea.

    Keep up the great work on here, you are by far the best 'writer' on the site. It's great to hear people saying it as it is.

  5. It's really depressing, seeing how many blind, deluded nutters are out there, seeing what they want to see, and HATING, really HATING anyone who doesn't share their unreasoning faith in Levy, AVB and this season's lovely modern slowly-slowly possession football. Take away Bale, and we'd be mid-table; take away AVB and we might play football worth watching.

  6. Actually, the writer has a point but i just wanted to point out that sometimes having too much facts denies you from having the truth.

    Football is not calculation, a Team is in the F.A cup Final and you said Wigan is Low-Level. On the course of surviving relegation Last season, Wigan won against Arsenal and United in the same week.

    The problem is we Tottenhan fans are expecting too much, the Manager hasnt made the signing he wants. Even if we dont make the Champions League Spot, beating Manchester City this Season which Chelsea could not do at all is Okay for me.


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