Government responds to West Ham Olympic Stadium petition


Government responds to West Ham Olympic Stadium petition

A statement read: “West Ham United has a concession at the Stadium and their contributions reflect that status. The contract, awarded after an open public competition, has been widely scrutinised and tested in court.

“Following the completion of its transformation programme the Stadium will be – unlike so many previous Olympic Stadiums – a world-class multi-use arena with a long-term future, and one that won’t require continuous support from the taxpayer. The stadium remains in public ownership (E20 Stadium LLP – a joint venture between the London Legacy Development Corporation and Newham Council) and the profits from its multiple uses will flow to the taxpayer.

“As a long-term concessionaire West Ham United will only access the full stadium facilities for and shortly ahead of home matches, anticipated to be an average of 25 games a year. The stadium’s other anchor concession-holder, British Athletics, has a concession for one month a year. The stadium will be available for commercial and other uses at all times outside of these existing commitments.

“The Stadium is a multi-use venue, which has already hosted a major athletics meet this year, the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games, and will host a range of other events in 2015 including five matches during the Rugby World Cup this autumn, a Rugby League international between England and New Zealand and the Race of Champions motorsport event. In addition the Stadium will host elite athletics including the IAAF and IPC Athletics World Championships in 2017.

“A world class stadium operator has been appointed and it is part of the operator agreement that the Stadium will host concerts and other events.

“None of these events will financially benefit West Ham United. All revenues from these events will be shared by the operator and the Stadium owners. The stadium operator has a proven international track record of success in managing and maximising revenue from multi-use stadia and is contractually incentivised to generate maximum income.

“The agreement with West Ham United, including their contribution to transformation costs and rent, followed an open competitive process, which was delivered under EU rules, conducted visibly and exposed to significant scrutiny. The outcome has been tested in the courts and upheld. As the winning bid this constituted the best available return for the taxpayer and secures the commercial viability of a national asset for the next 100 years.

“The European Commission (EC) is responsible for assessing whether public investment distorts the competitive market. The EC has considered this issue on more than one occasion and has done so with full sight of the contractual terms, comprehensive detail of the tender exercise and in depth legal opinion on compliance with UK and EU law. It has found no case to answer. Therefore we do not believe that a public inquiry is necessary.

“The detail of the rental agreement between the Stadium owners and West Ham United is commercially sensitive. Disclosing details of the contract would undermine the future negotiating position of the Stadium’s operator, Vinci, who are working hard to bring in future events to get the greatest possible return and ensure that the Stadium is a commercial success.

“It is important that the stadium owners and operator are able to negotiate future contracts in a way that derive maximum value and are not constrained by any one agreement. Such arrangements are standard practice and are designed to both protect the previous public expenditure and maximise the return on this investment.

“Department for Culture, Media and Sport.”

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  1. Thanks for paying for our stadium Spurs fans. I know you’re worried about us overtaking you whatever you say, after all our net spend is already better than yours. Good luck with the 1, one season striker you have lol. Won’t be seeing responses as couldn’t be bothered to fill in my email. Enjoy postiring between yourselves though. Joke club!

    • It's not your stadium Mug, you are just rent payers. Your value as a club will drop like a stone without your own stadium. How do you, in your wildest dreams, think you can overtake Spurs, when we are building a bigger capacity stadium which will bring in more revenue than you can dream of? Net spend better than ours? We have the lowest net spend over the last few years than any club in the PL. [email protected] me, whats happened to the education in your parts? Having to go to payday lenders to get new players shows the state of WH.

  2. I hope everybody who had a go at west ham on the internet have the decency to read this statement. then just wind there their necks in.

  3. "As a long-term concessionaire West Ham United will only access the full stadium facilities for and shortly ahead of home matches, anticipated to be an average of 25 games a year" I know that probably means 19 games a year, PL and one Capital Cup defeat against Rotherham etc :) But that's West Ham for you. Seems
    like a good deal for all, Rugby, Athletics etc. And at the end of the day, no one else put in a better bid

  4. And I who thought that “net spend” didnt always correlate to quality… Have fun in your athletics stadium, remember the binoculars ;)

    • Don't know where you were sat, Mike, but everyone I spoke to who attended said that it really wouldn't be good for watching football in terms of atmosphere.

  5. Dear tenants, when Spurs are in their OWN brand new world class stadium, make sure you wipe your feet before you enter on your visits. As for net spend, I suggest you stay at school an extra hour, and put some work into your education. Thanks for your effort to feel important, but it failed, you are, and always will be, little old West Ham byeeeeeeeee.

    • In your brand new stadium with £400m+ of debt & still being stuck with ruderless Levy at the helm. We'll wipe the …. of our shoes when we are just inside your new shed.

      • New shed? Ha!! Have you seen the stadium design. It will be much better than a re-jigged Olympic stadium that will never be fully fit for purpose in respect to football!! There will not be that amount of debt as naming rights will cover a significant chunk as will the new TV deal. Maybe you should think before you type!!

    • You’re new stadium = years of debt and failure. Levy = always make positive net at expense of a good team. Levy + paying for stadium + paying for our stadium = lol Spurs to be in our shadow. Spurs currently also = laughing stock!

  6. Petty jealousy from a petty club and its thick support . Shouldn't you be asking where all the money has gone ..ha ha . A series of World Class purchases apparently and still the clown Walker plays .
    On reflection I think I would be looking elsewhere to make posts .

  7. I wonder if this will get the press coverage it deserves. Probably not, so all the jealous supporters who signed the petition can now go and do one.

    • Enter text right here!Never is a very long time! No-one knows what might happen over the next 100 years. My guess is that West Ham United will end up owning the stadium.

  8. Just to check with the spammers here ….. if you have no access to the stadium, will you not be able to make the stadium tours to the fabulous home of wet spam, or to cut the grass or keep it in good nick? Will you just get let in at the last minute and all have to get changed quick …? And where will the club offices be, and everything else? And who will own and profit from all the concessions? This piece of flannel from your Tory mates actually explains very little, and satsifies no one

    • Most of the profits are to LLDC. West Ham will have use of ground on 25 matdhdays a year but one season goes into 2 years so technically West Ham could have use of the ground for between 32 to 36 days a season. Seems LLDC don't know the diffrrence between a year and a football season.

  9. Maybe the fans of the "concerned clubs" should petition their own clubs as to why a piss poor club like West Ham has nailed down a great deal like this and clubs like Spurs failed. Levy and co must love it as it diverts attention from his penny pinching mentality.

    • Spurs failed with their bid because we wanted to buy it, and knock it down to build a proper football stadium. The stadium was built with a promise of a lasting legacy by the Olympic committee, so that ruled us out. If Hammer fans are happy having no ground and identity to call their own, then good luck to them.

  10. Yes mate, Spurs trying to say all Hammers fans are gypsies, no decent arguments left because they know our future is brighter. Ade not even named i. Squad for Europe, joke club lol


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