Graeme Souness’ Pessimistic Spurs Predictions

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Five-time title winner Graeme Souness has outlined only two directions he envisages Tottenham traveling by the end of this season, and they don’t exactly make for a joyful read.

The Liverpool legend won 12 major honours during his 6 year stay at Anfield and also earned over 50 caps for Scotland, including appearances in three different World Cups.

Add to that his 20 years of managerial experience, there’s no doubt in Souness’ credibility or knowledge of football.

Recent remarks about the near-future of Tottenham Hotspur seem slightly unfounded, with the now 64 year old having claimed that Spurs face one of two nightmare scenarios.

In an interview with The 42, Souness, who’s career actually started at Spurs, declared that Tottenham’s Wembley woes will lead to an exodus of first-team talent at the end of the season.

“It’s a mystery to me, because I don’t understand why playing at Wembley should be an issue,” He stated. “They weren’t good enough last year to win the Premier League and they’ve not strengthened.”

“If you’re a Tottenham supporter, and part of me is, you’re saying we weren’t good enough with that group last year. Everybody else has strengthened and we’ve stood still.”

“What we’re relying on is the group all getting better to compensate for all the teams around us that are spending money to get better.”

“Tottenham are looking at two scenarios: they’ve a miserable season and they’re not qualifying for the Champions League or getting anywhere near the Premier League. And then the star players will leave because they’ll say they want to be winning trophies and they’ll point to the lack of investment.”

“The other scenario is that they actually win the Champions League or the Premier League. Then they’re all knocking on the door saying ‘I’m a Champions League winner’ or ‘I’m a Premier League winner’ and ‘you have to treble my wages’.”

“So 12 months from now, Daniel Levy is facing a difficult round of negotiations with several of his Tottenham players.” He added.

For me, this prediction lacks any awareness of wider context.

Firstly, Souness is making the claim that we haven’t strengthened with our transfer business, whereas I’m sure many would agree that Sanchez and Llorente are upgrades on Wimmer and Janssen.

Not to mention the fact that we’ve brought in a young ‘keeper and one of the most exciting centre-backs in South America in Juan Foyth. And hello? Serge Aurier? For him to claim that we haven’t strengthened is blatant stupidity.

Secondly, he seems to believe that we’ll either finish outside the top 4, or win the league. Where’s the middle ground? Is it totally implausible that we finish 3rd or 4th and that we carry on as normal?

In all honesty, I think something like 3rd-placed finish is the most realistic expectation we can have this season, so I don’t know why he’s having to bounce between these two extremes.

Also, let’s be real here. If Spurs were to win the league, why would anyone want to leave? Seriously, we’d be champions, that’s not a bad thing Souness, that would be the greatest thing in the club’s modern history.

Thirdly, he’s forgot that we have a new stadium being built. Remember Souness? That £800 million, state-of-the-art, 61,000 capacity, multi-purpose sporting arena? Shouldn’t slip your mind.

I doubt players will be sprinting for the exit doors when the stadium’s on the brink of opening, if anything I think it’ll attract players.

No wonder this guy only got a substitute appearance in the UEFA Cup for us.

What do you think of Souness’ predictions? Do you agree with me, or with the SkySports pundit?

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  1. That’s what I love about football everyone can have an opinion mine is similar to yourself. We have added and upgraded with a bit of futureproofing. Under Levy and Poch we seem to have a sound economical and ethical approach to moving Tottenham forward without risking bankrupting the club. While bringing us back to the pinnacle of domestic and European football. The giant awakes COYS

  2. He made those comments before we signed all of the players except sanchez who wasn’t even unveiled at that point. You are a joke, making a story out of subterfuge based on a timeline you have knowingly skewed, based on comments made a week before we played Burnley just after the Chelsea loss. If you are a true Spurs fan you should not be spreading negativity on purpose just so you can pull up a pundit in a self righteous attempt to display how wrong he is and how smart you are to see through his negativity that you have manipulated and created. At the point in time he said that Gonzo was sold and we had half signed Sanchez. Spreading lies is of no benefit to our club nor the supporters. Don’t write rubbish like this again please, if you are not capable of that then just don’t write.

  3. Souness has his own theory about Spurs: that they are Southern and a bit lah-de-dah, and that he's northern and really hard. Reality is that he was a bit soft at WHL and cried that he wanted to go home to Mummy. Spurs were nice and released him to Middlesbro. After a spell he struck it rich and went off to Anfield; he's dined out on that ever afterwards, especially this bit about Spurs ……

  4. Boring comments as usual same shit different toilet. Freedom of speech still hasn’t made the world of football i see.

    He has a point tbf, Arsenal pay better wages than us and won a trophy last season and still their best players aren’t happy how long before that happens to us?

    After this season at Wembley and next season adapting to another new ground who do you think will be in the line up in 3 seasons time? And how many trophies do you think will be in the cabinet?

    I’m being realistic not defeatist i honestly have no idea who will be the first spurs 11 but i do think we will still be trophyless ☹☹?

  5. Your comment about why would anyone want to leave if we’re champions well the exact reason that souness said dumbass they would want alot more money than we can offer because they’re champions! Also the part about finishing 3rd or 4th and carrying on as normal?!? Do you think our best players just want to carry on as normal? Idiot

  6. Look spurs start getting good everyone hates on us I do think we need to pay more money to our players as there some of the best in the country it would Be a travesty if Toby got Sold best defender in the premier league by far well worth 100k a week hopefully it will all come good and we won't jus end up spursey

  7. Yet another incipid article trying to make mileage quoting outdated nonsense voiced by a has been masquerading as a fortune teller. Laughable. Tommy Harmer is right, Sourness was a Spurs apprentice who was homesick and wanted to move further North to be nearer mummy in Scotland. The rest is well documented. As for the guy calling himself alex if that’s you real name, fuck off and voice your opinion on the Arse website where it belongs because it isn’t appreciated here. Stop pretending to be a Spurs fan, can see right through you.

  8. I actually like think Souness is a closet Spurs supporter. A lot of commentators are really bias towards us. Like I mean the club must have killed one of their family kind of bias. Souness has always given us credit where due. I think he’d like us to avoid doing a Bale, Modric and for that to happen we’ll have to change our wage structure for sure and hopefully qualify for the CL. With new higher stadium revenue I’d say the first scenario is possible. Qualifying will depend on cracking Wembley but I believe the players we’ve bought will really help us do that. Please keep the faith Souness, COYS

  9. Lol at Ray how fucking dare you question my love for Tottenham! See right through me do you? Well I have THFC tattooed on my chest so you wud have to look through that! Fucking prick are you so small minded that i cant mention arsenal on this site? Grow the fuck up they are a tiny team from Woolwich i have no problem saying they’re name! And yes my name is Alex im a life long supporter of spurs through all the bullying at school and adult life from man u, arsenal and Liverpool supporters i believe as we are so close i can say what i fucking like!!!! COYS!!!!!!

    • Alex, glad to hear you are a Spurs fan after all. THFC tattooed on your chest eh. Pity you had to go through all the bullying at school and adult life for being a Spurs supporter. Maybe we’ll meet one of these days.

      • Ok ignore anything iv said recently lol jus get annoyed easily wen it comes to spurs! Didn’t find out my Mrs of 8yrs was a bloody Chelsea fan 1 child in to the relationship! Too late late to leave her lol. Sorry for all the swear words COYS

  10. I think Souness is right and that will start from Toby’s contract situation. The players will definitely ask for raise in wages at the end of this season as most of peer clubs are offering better wages. PL clubs earnings and financial standings are not like 10 years ago and with all the TV earnings and sponsorship deals along with stadium naming rights its not impossible for spurs. So to be competitive Levy needs to improve that

  11. I took my friend to WHL who was a spurs supporter from Devon and had never been so i took him up for the Sunderland game a few seasons back we won 5-0 i think he had the best time of his life! He died a month later. So Ray go fuck yourself because seeing the spurs wiv my 3 boys before i die wud mean the world to me! God you’ve pissed me off i bet iv been more times than you dickhead


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