Graham Roberts calls on Sky Sports to replace former Spur as a pundit

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Tottenham Hotspur defender Graham Roberts has taken to Twitter to criticise Jamie Redknapp.

The claim follows Tottenham’s 2-0 win against Arsenal in the Carabao Cup last night at the Emirates, where Redknapp was part of Sky Sports’ punditry team during their live television broadcast.

Roberts was frustrated with Redknapp, who played for Spurs between 2002 and 2005 was viewed by Roberts as not representing his former side in the best light and even called for Sky to instead use other former players, whilst describing him as almost being like an Arsenal fan.

There was some praise for Redknapp’s father Harry from Roberts.  Harry managed Tottenham from 2008 until 2012 and still speaks positively about his former side when he appears in the media.

Some Spurs fans feel that Jamie is still bitter about his father’s sacking at Tottenham after results suffered following Harry’s continual link with the England managerial job.

Roberts was known as a no-nonsense player and still hold the club close to his heart.

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  1. The whole Poch will go and nonsense reasons is fuelled by very anti Spurs voices. They are skin deep in there reasoning. “It’s Nanchester United”….yeah I read the same story once called the Emperors New Clothes” Convince yourself by blind delusion. That’s what this is.
    Redknap, Steve Nichols, the Express papers are so anti Spurs. Rednap should be ashamed of his take on this.
    I ask of him to answer one simple question and justify his answer “ why would spicy be tempted?” If he can show it’s not blind then I’m a monkeys uncle

  2. I’ve been saying it for quite a while now and I’ll repeat it again, Jamie Redknapp is a complete waste of space. In fact he’s an arsehole.

  3. Amazing that it takes an Arsenal woman footballer pundit (name temporarily escapes me) and Paul Merson to imply that Poch won’t leave Spurs next summer. With her responding to Jamie Redknapp after the Arsenal game, saying that Poch will leave, she looked at him and said surely Poch has not finished what he’s set out to achieve at Tottenham yet. Good on her. And Merse, bless him, stated what we all know ..that it would be a disaster if Poch left us, stating that key players at the club would reconsider their position (true) and that talk of £30m or £40m for United to secure Poch’s services pales into insignificance when compared with what it would cost Spurs. Implying that even £200m for Poch would nowhere near be in our interests.
    I’m sick of all the pundits out there touting our manager (and players) out of our club. Apart from Walker, so far we’ve kept these jealous bias idiots at bay on the player front. But Gary Nonsense Neville, Jap schtum Stam and a host of others would back Poch for United. I’d bloody well say they would! ha ha
    Talk about stating the obvious! But the thing is that Poch would NOT be a great ‘fit’ for United OR Real Madrid. Those madhouses wouldn’t give him the time, the backing or the reins he has at Spurs. They’re too impatient for success ‘now’ and the players don’t have the attitude that Poch has instilled into his squad. It would take Poch a few years to build up with them, what he has at Spurs ..and those clubs simply wouldn’t give him anything like that time. He can be a legend at Spurs ..but at those clubs he’ll be just another coach statistic. No matter how good he is, it would all be lost on those greedy bloated giants with their sense of entitlement without having to work and build for it!

  4. thank u cb walters for a sensible post without bad language. and more important than who’s a good pundit. J Redknapp is not too bad, he has the right to criticize and he’s paid to get people talking. I happen to prefer some others but each to his her own. in peace

  5. Jamie has too high an opinion of himself as a pundit!
    He is biased Pundits should generalise on football topics and not make their comments and observation sound like factual information
    No of thief comments are factual


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