Graham Roberts reveals what he has been told about Pochettino at PSG

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Graham Roberts has revealed that he has been told that winning the Champions League was one of Mauricio Pochettino’s directives when he was appointed as Paris Saint-Germain head coach and that the Argentine could now come under pressure.

Tottenham’s fortunes have gone downhill since the club decided to sack Pochettino and his coaching staff back in November of 2019.

The Jose Mourinho experiment backfired and the club now finds itself at crossheads ahead of what is set to be a crucial summer transfer window.

Several coaches have been linked with the Tottenham hot seat over the last few months but reports indicate that the club are not close to confirming their next manager and will only do so at the end of the season.

Roberts believes Spurs might have a chance of bringing Pochettino back to the club this summer as the former Tottenham boss could end up losing his job.

He told Football Fancast: “I’ve been told that Pochettino had to win the Champions League this year and don’t forget that they could lose the league for the first time in years this season so they’re not going to be happy.

“If it was me, I would drive over to France and ask him to come back.”

Spurs Web Opinion

One would think that Pochettino would at least be given a full season by PSG even if the club fail to win the title.

However, I do believe that one of the reasons Levy seems to be in no hurry to confirm an appointment, is due to the uncertainty surrounding the future of several coaches.

Conte’s future also looks unclear at the moment while it remains to be seen whether Rodgers will stick around at Leicester if the Foxes once again fail to qualify for the Champions League.

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  1. I believe Levy needed to either keep hold of poch and reward him with the necessary money to rebuild the squad or bring in nagalsmann. Why wait for nagalsmann to improve and have more admirers like Bayern for example. To be honest Levy is constantly making massive blunders on key decisions. I wasnt that happy with Jose being appointed because I dont like Joses’s man management style however you know what you get with him. He does win where-ever he goes, well until spurs anyway. I shocked myself that after a while i got used to Jose’s treatment of players and I will tell you why. When Jose is at other clubs you hear things but I didnt take much notice and thought like many that Jose is a bit of a ….
    The press is constantly slagging Jose off, you kind of believe that it must all be true as you dont really hear anything nice about Jose. Well accept his triumphs but that is normally from Jose himself anyway. Jose’s stint as manager of spurs has really opened my eyes and obviously loving spurs i took him for what he was. I just hoped we would win something even if he slagged of a player or two. I decided to support him and give him the benefit of the doubt like i would any other manager as Spurs and Levy is no easy job. It came to my surprise especially considering spurs have been pretty poor that I have actually come through this experience with a totally different opinion of the self acclaimed “The Special One” Not only do I like him, I admire him and really feel sorry for the way he has been treated. People complain about his treatment of players but in the cold light of day with no hidden agenda the players he called out needed a good kick up the ass. Ndombele for one was shocking for Poch so Jose took to him and made him fitter, stronger and better. Ok you might not like the approach but it worked and Ndombele has Jose to thank as he cared so much he forced him into adapting to the new league. It didnt work under Poch, he has been dropped under mason and a few weeks ago pundits were saying he was the best in the league so he definitely improved under jose obviously. There were obvious improvements elsewhere even where you couldn’t see anymore happening Kane & Son for two who both had a great relationship with Jose that you never hear about. Kane in particular reached new high levels of all round play assists, creative play and scoring that has never reached before. Never thought I would think Kane could dramatically improve to this level. Other players Lucas and Lamela have improved and have played much more consistently and offered much more under Jose. Both failed under Poch and have both since been dropped for what seems a political move to keep certain players and levy happy. Even in my opinion Hugo had rediscovered his form and I also think Jose bringing in Hart had played a part. There has been many improvements with in the squad and great relationships with Jose forged but with th eway the media has an agenda against the media you never hear about these just the nasty ones. Unfortunately players that are seen as surplus to any side tend to moan and throw toys out of their pram and undermine the manager and slag them off to the owner. Theres a certain selection of players in spurs dressing room who have been there a long time and have stagnated due to age or lack of hunger but who also due to their time served got the ear of the chairman. We all know who these players are. The fact is they deserve to be dropped due to there laziness and poor attitudes. They all started playing well when the new manager came in and infact a certain individual got praised on many occasion when Jose took over but it was short lived as the drive or lazy attitude started to rear its head again and then all of a sudden the player was dropped. If this was any other team the manager would have been supported byt the chairman and the fans and the pundits oh but not Jose just another excuse to stab the knife in by our pathetic media. Lets be fair the player was actually dropped towards the end by Poch and England and no one batted an eye lid but wait this was jose. The knives were out from the media the fans the pundits and ultimately by the chairman. So yes i didnt like Jose at the beginning and even though he kind of failed I have actually grown to like and the respect the man so much more than I thought possible, Its a fact that there are many players at spurs that have stagnated and are treading water. The manager should have been shown the support of the club and chairman by moving unwanted players on rather than letting this nasty atmosphere fester and cause bad feeling in the dressing room which the media helped to exaggerate. I believe this was a decision Levy made when Levy pulled out of the sale of Joe Louis shares after finding out that the incoming owners didnt want levy as their chairman. He pulled out of the sale realised he could no longer afford Jose’s wages and bonuses if he won the cup final and reached top 4 which was plausible and used the dressing room unrest which levy had helped create to get rid. Levy has been found out and needs to resign


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