Hamburg chairman in race against time to sign VDV


Hamburg have vowed to do everything possible to re-sign Rafael van der Vaart from Tottenham before Friday.

The chairman of the Bundlesliga outfit, Carl-Edgar Jarchow admits time is now against him and is still yet to persuade Spurs to part with the Dutchman.

The capture of Moussa Dembele could go some wait to easing the pain of Van der Vaart’s possible departure from White Hart Lane with just 48 hours to run of the summer transfer widow.

“There is not a lot of time – it is really up to Tottenham Hotspur,” he told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

“If we have a chance to sign him, we will do everything we can to make that happen.”

Personally, I hope that VDV remains a Spurs player, we need his quality if we are to break into the top four once again.

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  1. We cannot sell Van Der Vart. If we are to make Champions League we must not sell our best players. Van Der Vaart MUST stay, no matter the price offered!

  2. Agreed. He is a fantastic player that we need to keep. He did brilliantly for us last season, one of our best players. They'll be thinking of selling Bale next! How can we be a team to challenge for top four if we sell our best players? Or is Levy only interested in money?

  3. I see how it makes sense from a business perspective. This is our last chance to make any profit or significant money from him, a player who is getting increasingly slower and more injury prone. He doesn't have a natural fit in a 433 which AVB has historically favoured. He will undoubtedly be unhappy with the loss of his automatic starter position. Given our targets, we would have a lot of players to be in his position. But damn it I love that guy, he was the first player we signed when I started supporting spurs and he always gives 100%. Hamburg don't have the money to meet Levys initial valuation so they have been spreading rumours in the hamburg press to unsettle him. I would be surprised if Rafa truly wants out desperately, he'd undoubtedly be pleased to go back but not to the extent he'd push for it. I want him to stay, but I have a horrible feeling he'll be sold

  4. Villas-Boas has already said VDV is needed in his team. If Hamburg wanted him they would have stopped fannying about already and made a bid.

    It’s more media spin trying to derail the whole team AGAIN…getting boring now…

  5. Let's all be honest here. VDV is pretty slow and isn't fit enough to last 90 minutes usually. He starts flagging after 60 minutes usually. He has been a match winner and a goal threat as well as a creative player at times, but generally is a selfish player and not a team player. There is no doubt he is a very good footballer, but he did disrupt the team a lot of the time as we had to completely reshuffle to accommodate him. I love VDV but he won't be a massive loss…

  6. Avb im begining to think you aint got a scooby do son? Unless you no your getting moutinho sellin rafa would be suicidal he a good passer of the ball and knows where the net is!!!!!


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