It’s back in our hands!


It’s back in our hands! Six wins from our remaining six games and we’re guaranteed fourth at the very least. The first of these is against an in form Manchester City, still apparently clinging to the hope that they can overtake United at the top, but only in the same way desperate way that I cling to the dream that beer bellies will one day be classed as sexy.

Normally, and by that I mean if we had a reasonably fit and non-fatigued squad available, I’d feel quite cocky about giving Abu Dhabi’s playthings a run for their Riyals but with the vast majority of our width and speed still more likely to be on the treatment couch than on the pitch it’s hard to feel much optimism. A fit Bale and Lennon are crucial to our system and especially in the case of the former, our inspiration. Without them there’s plenty of perspiration but little in the way of spark.

The fallout from Basel hasn’t quite dispersed from the Twitter or Blogospheres as Adebayor in particular will have discovered if he’s foolish enough to read comments on websites like this one. The amount of personal abuse he’s received has been depressing to see. I doubt if even he sees himself as the future of Spurs on his form this season, the futile name-calling just fosters hostility and puts pressure on one of our own players, and this at a time when we’re struggling with atmosphere at WHL already. Against Everton he gave unarguably his best display of the season and we’ll need more of the same if we’re going to get anything on Sunday.

Our last league clean sheet was at the Hawthorns at the start of February. Chuck in Europe as well and we’ve conceded 15 goals in our last 7 games, an average of just over 2 per outing. Things aren’t going well at the back. Whether the midfield is stretched helping out the attack and isn’t doing its job or whether it’s the high pressing or the inexperience in defence showing I don’t know, but something isn’t right. There have been gaps created by the high line all season and, as we’ve seen before, someone who plays like Silva is ideally suited to making the most of those spaces. He missed last week’s semi final and the midweek game against Wigan but by all accounts should be back for the weekend. It’s vital that we stop him getting space. There are goal threats everywhere, Nasri, Toure, Tevez, Aguero, Dzeko etc etc. We’re going to have to vastly improve defensively to keep them out.

Assuming that none of Lennon, Bale or Defoe are risked, our side will be very similar to that which has played the last few games with Villas-Boas’ biggest decision being ‘I trust no-one at left back, who’s least likely to make a ricket of it?’. I’d stick Vertonghen in the middle and then ask him who he feels most comfortable playing alongside.

The Gooners will probably have won at Fulham by the time we play meaning that we’ll be playing catch-up which makes a change if nothing else. We’re good enough to beat City; we need to be at our best though. Cut out the mistakes at the back and take our chances at the front and we’ll be ok.

Lee Mason is the referee. COYS.

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  1. Thank you!

    Finally a blog who has noticed that its not all about our lack of strikers but how poor we have been at the back!

    I’m tried of everyone banging on about how shit our strikers are, but goals aren’t our problem. We never have a problem scoring goals, its keeping them out. Our goal difference compared to our rivals is poor!

    Anyway as you’ve said were going to have to be at our best on Sunday in what I think is going to be our hardest game at home this season. Win and I have no doubts we’ll finish in the top 4. Draw we need the goons and chetski to slip up, which I don’t like but lose and its probably all over.

    I’m keeping the faith, COYS!

  2. We have blown it already. Even if we were to perform miracles and win on Sunday, we are Spurs. Which means, we are just as likely to mess up against Stoke or Southampton at home! Our form in March and April has blown it for us again!

  3. I'd take 1-0 with a goal in off Kompany's arse and 80/20 possession to them with us parking the limo for the rest of the game. For once can we NOT play swashbuckling hung-ho football and fluke a win. Ok I know we was a bit lucky at Old Trafford (karma for gomes goal) but generally most of the luck goes to Woolwich especially when it comes to run-ins, outbreaks of food poisoning etc.

    • What on earth are you talking about? Do you mean Gung Ho when you say hung ho? Do you mean the Mendes Goal when you say the Gomes Goal. Fluking a win or earning a win, who cares! As long as we win. You bell end!

      • Dom is that really necessary there was a goal involving Gomes and Nani which is the one Roy is talking about don't talk to your fellow yids like that.You bell end. :)

        • cheers Paul, but don't worry about Dum, he's obviously one of the new 'fifa-playing I want it now' gen of spurs fans who threaten to change teams each time we lose or draw then proceed to slag off AVB and want Harry back. See that by his earlier comment 'we've blown it already…yawn yawn.

          • Actually, I don't want Harry back and have been going to Spurs for 26 years and don't play football computer games. I was just getting fed up with Spurs and the way we always seem to screw up when we are on the cusp of doing something!
            Turns out we won yesterday and we showed true spirit and determination. I was very proud!
            So, although you are both bell ends, We are all Spurs. So I forgive you.

  4. A sensible view of our current state, but still AVB is immune from criticism – he's the manager for God's sake, and had ridiculous levels of praise when things were going well, but it isn't anything to do with him when the wheels come off – he chooses the players, the tactics, the subs, and which competition (Europa League anyone?) to concentrate our limited resources on, but somehow avoids the blame when the chickens predictably come home to roost – I'm not saying sack him, but at least acknowledge his (numerous) faults!

  5. We have always been good at getting play up to the opposition box. Then typicaly we pass the ball around the edge or from side to side until we loose the it and have to scramble back to defend the counter. However the best goals for (and against) us have been the ones where the attack has run straight at the defense. This requires confidence, and when our team is in this form we have even United on the back foot.


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