Harry wants Adebayor at Spurs, do you?


Harry Redknapp is keen on taking Man City striker Emmanuel Adebayor to Tottenham.

The 27-year-old spent the second half of last season on loan at Real Madrid and has expressed his interest in a move to Spurs despite his Arsenal past.

“He is a name that was mentioned and I spoke to the chairman about the player, about the possibility of loaning him, but whether they [City] would loan him I don’t know,” Redknapp told reporters in South Africa.

“If they would loan him he would be of interest. He is a quality player. We will wait and see.”


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  1. HELL NO. Everyone wants him….until they have him…then they can't wait to get rid… Don't want another Keane.

  2. I think he is a quality striker and he has proved already with arsenal in the premiership, i would like to have him on loan and see how he goes well he is better then keane and crouch and then we keep pav and defoe especially pav who finish top scorer as a striker and hardly played

  3. I say yes. The guy is a good player and good goal scorer, I don’t mind who he played for in the past, but that celebration against arsenal put him in my good books :D

  4. As a footballer I think he’d be the perfect foil to VdV in the formation arrry likes to play but as a human being I thing he operates off a dubious moral code. Basically, I don’t like the cnut.

  5. Without a shadow od doubt – YES!

    With VDV in the team we need someone who can compliment him as well as bring a little something extra.

    Tall (and can use this asset, not like some), powerful, skilful and a proven scorer in the PL with a bit of pace too.

    Can’t think of anyone better for the money to be honest. Understand the reputation he brings but can anyone find me a player with a good reputation nowadays???????

    Perhaps he just needs to be loved by a club – score against Arsenal and we’ll love you for life my old boy.

    Get the deal done Harry, season’s almost here

  6. Good target man, good touch, can head a ball, can shoot, exactly what we need, Harry will need to bring him down to earth, a loan would suit us better as if he decides to act the cunt we can get rid. Still think we would need another striker though, people banging on about Damiao although not so sure for the prices being quoted, the new boy might be better than we have anyway.

  7. Ade is an absolutely wicked player, loved the celebration against arsenal and I’ve just about had enough of him scoring every time he plays against the spurs

  8. I would like him at spurs even though he was a ex arsenal player. He is better then the crap the strikers we have at the moment, Keane, Crouch, Pav and Defoe. His big and strong who could hold the ball up and even score goals with his feet and head. Other then Crouch none of our strikers can score goals with their head and win the ball in the air. Thats what we need at spurs an overall better striker.

  9. No No No!!! All my Arsenal friends were pleased when he left them. Most of his best Arsenal goals were against us so spurs fans may be thinking he scores alot more than he does. After a good start at City he soon went of the boil and as for Real, it is the same case as his time at Arsenal.
    He's not that good. he's not better than those we already have.
    Oh yeah, after the Togo bus shoot up, he was giving sky sports news an interview wearing an Arsenal polo shirt. He was a City player at the time.
    So not only is he a cnut, he's a stupid cnut,

    • I agree with you I think he’s a cnut but you suggest his goal scoring record isn’t that good but he scored 46 in 105 for the goonies and 15 in 34 for shitty. If we had someone who had that goal to game ratio last year I’m sure we’d have made 4th. Did I mention I think he’s a cnut though?

    • Also, the main criticism that seems to be leveled at him is his attitude. Man management is one of the things that Harry occasionally excells at. You never know. He'd certainly come here with a point to prove to his three previous clubs, and that might have a powerful effect on his performance and sustaining them throughout the season. I'm sure he'd love to propell a team above city and arse.

  10. I don’t care about the Arsenal connection but I don’t think he is the sort of player that would improve the team so I would say No.

  11. Yes… he’s not crossing the divide, he did that already with the celebration in front of the goon fans. Deserves legend status for that.

    He finds the net and a consistent basis – proven track record in both the Premier League and La Liga.

    Again – two pre-season friendlies… only VdV scores. And next closest to scoring – Gareth Bale. Our whole front line has gone stale – they need replacing.

  12. Why on earth would we need him? We have a big strong powerful proven goalscorer who can head the ball, hold it up and trouble defences in 3MP?

  13. without doubt. He scores goals and that is one thing we are laking at the moment. At least he will stop scoring against us !! Juvenile to worry about Arse connection if he is going to do a job for us!! He wont come, man City wont loan to a rival and Levy will not page wage demands !!

  14. No i think he showed in his spell at city and also at madrid he has lost a bit.Would rather buy for the future with Damaio and Lukaka and keep Defoe and Pav who could work of these two well along with VDV .

  15. Yes bcos he presents a realistic acquisition on a loan; is way better than what we got & even with his bad attitude- I can't believe he'd be worse than our 4 strikers we have at mo! So yes, yes, yes, even with the hassle & disruptive spirit Ade is likely to bring. However, if we can purchase Llorente & Damaio & develop the new drogba- then bye bye Ade!

    • You might even suggest that a bit on antagonism in our dressing room might be a good thing. We're a bit happy, nice, and almost soft. Somebody that riles the players up a bit might not be the worst thing in the world!

  16. Would take him in a heartbeat. A motivated Adebayor is exactly what ne need. I remember he was AWESOME in his first few seasons for the goons and although hasn’t recaptured that level of consistency of late, he is still a very good player and by FAR the best a club in our position (not in the CL and not paying top wages) can hope to sign. Name me another striker his age with his attributes and with his scoring record that would even entertain the idea of coming to us?

  17. Rednapp has publicly said that he wants him. Isn't that the same tactics Chelsea had supposedly used in the bid for Modric by making the offer public. Hypocritical yids!

    • Shut up Toby you Mug…harry only said he likes the player. If we make an offer and its rejected we will accept citehs stance, not continue with stupid lower than player value offers like the shit club down the road.


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