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Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp has insisted that Jermaine Jenas is not for sale.

The midfielder has been linked with a £10million switch to Aston Villa in the recent tabloids, but Redknapp has no intention of selling the former Newcastle player.

Redknapp said: “I have never heard a thing from Aston Villa. I don’t know where those stories keep coming from. No one has ever contacted us.

“I don’t want to sell Jermaine Jenas, he is a terrific player. We don’t want to sell our best players.”

Is Redknapp right to want to hold onto Jenas?  Share your views below

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  1. I agree 100% box to box and scores the odd goal, against Arsnal comes to mind solo effort didn’t get the praise it deserved because of bentleys slightly lucky goal!!!

  2. Disagree Jenas isn’t our best player he flatters to decieve, the potential is there- if get good money for him ship him out to Inter.

  3. can’t believe what i’m hearing on these comments- jenas is brilliant 10% of the time and rubbish the other 90%. we need someone more consistent, and the notion of him being captain is bonkers IMHO. I agree with whitehotspur, if someone’s interested, let’s have a listen- there certainly are players on our “not for sale” list, but Jenas is definitely not one of them.

  4. At age 26 Jenas is getting to the stage of his career where he will be able to produce offensive numbers as well as being solid defensively for long stretches and have fewer ups and downs. His peak is about to begin. Would be stupid to sell him now.
    Not to compare skill level but look at Lampard and Gerrard. They also showed a lot of promise but did not became the players they are today before the age of 25.

  5. If anyone is silly enough to hand over £10M in exchange for Jermaine ‘box to box’ Jenas, then they need sectioning.

    Surely this is Redknapp playing games.

    For every Spurs supporters’ sake, ship him out.

  6. Johnny, try not to take offence, but you’re talking 100% gash.

    Lampard and Gerrard have both matured into great midfielders, but were far better players than Jenas is now when they were in their early 20’s.

    Just what have you seen that makes you believe that Jenas is about to grab 15-20 goals a season like the other two?

  7. well said reg.. Hes about as over rated as his old club newcastle are!! To inconsistant, not enough goals in him, not enough assists, to much neat side way passing when a killer ball might be on if he had more quality and vision. Good price means he must go imo. A player of tim cahill’s ability would do much better!!

  8. Are you all kidding about jj? check the stats for the games he’s played in against the stats of the ones he’s not been present. He’s an excellent player who’s work goes mostly unnoticed. This season will be his best for us so far and he’ll be off to the world cup.

  9. Bornastheking, that’s obviously to do with the fact that the others (except Palacios) are worse.

    Get a partner for Palacios and we’ll have half a chance next season. With Jenas in the centre of midfield we’ll never do anything.

  10. He (jenas) has a neat touch and maybe his stats are good with all those side passes he does- thats cos he aint got the ability to break defences with pin point passes, he is so frustrating to watch some times and i’m suprised there are spurs fans out there who rate this clumsy clown

  11. Gerrard had his first 10 goal season at age 26. The same age Jenas is now. He have since then scored 7, 11 and 16 in the league. And Jenas help out defensively a lot more then Gerrard and does not need a defensive player behind him cause he cant decide when it is proper to push forward and when it is not like Gerrard still cant figure out. Gerrard is the better playerr dough, not doubting that.

    Frank Lampard also had his first 10 goal season at age 26. He have since then gone on to score 13, 16, 11, 10 and 12 in the league.

    If you compare the players and look at their stats compared to their age then Jenas, Gerrard and Lampard does not differ that much. They all broke through at an early age. Lived on that for a while. Then struggled for a while with the new demands and while they begun to take more responsibility on the pitch. But after 25/26 they have 200+ prem games and starts to get it to click on both ends of the pitch allowing them to score more regularly.

    And as I said, I dont compare skill level cause both Lampard and Gerrard is slightly more talented then Jenas but there is not so much between them as people want make. Jermaine is 3 years younger then Steven and 5 years younger then Frank. That is what people must remember.

  12. jenas is by far the worst player in our midfield
    dont believe harry would not sell him if a offer comes in
    he has constantly underpeformed since he signed for us
    his first touch is so poor its usually a 2nd touch
    he stops our counter attacks by slowing down the game with his poor technique and lack of vision
    quite simply he is rubbish and the only way we can push on up the league is to replace this weak link with some real class
    come on jenas off you go to hull !!!


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