Harry Kane singles out Spurs coach who has helped transform his career

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Harry Kane is arguably the best number nine in world football at the moment.

The 26-year-old has been prolific in front of goal for both England and Tottenham for the past five years or so and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Just like most world-class strikers, the England captain seems to posses a natural ability to be at the right place at the right time and put chances away.

While Kane admits that some of that instinct was natural, he insisted that it was all the hard work that he put in while growing up that made him the finisher he is.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Spurs striker explained how he always loved working on his finishing in training while coming through the ranks at Spurs.

He said, “I came to Spurs when I was 11 years old and it was an okay couple of years, then I had a growth spurt and I started to get a bit taller and physically stronger and I did a lot of work with Bradley Allen, who is still here.

“There was a lot of finishing, and we’d stay behind after training and work on it so that was the first time I really worked on my craft.

“He wanted to make me understand that in a game, any chance can come and you’ve got to be ready for it. From 14 onwards, I stepped it up in terms of my practice and my training.

“I’ve always wanted to do more finishing, I love training anyway, but finishing is what I enjoy most. In that moment, whatever it was, I would feel free and I could enjoy it.”

Kane also revealed what goes on in his head before each game and how he mentally prepares himself to put away the chances that come his way.

He added, “”Before every game, you think ‘what kind of chance am I going to get, is it going to be in the box, outside it, am I going to get a cross?

“But obviously you can’t control it and you’ve got to be ready for any situation. Some games you get five or 10 chances and other games, you get one or two – that’s just the way it goes.

“I just try to prepare myself as well as possible for every chance. You’ve got to be prepared to shoot with your left or your right, or your head or a chip and that’s what makes a good striker.”

Spurs Web Opinion

We as Spurs fans are incredibly lucky to have Kane as not only is he a world-class player but the fact that he came through the academy means that he understands what it means to play for the club. I fully expect him to stay at Spurs for a long time, break Alan Shearer’s goal tally and go down as the best striker in Premier League history.

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  1. Nice to see the credit going where it should, and not to Pochettino, who always gets the kudos for any good things at Spurs (including Kane’s transformation, which actually began under Sherwood, but don’t tell anyone) and mysteriously avoids the blame for the bad – he’s not magic, you know!

  2. Calm down mate,fully expect to beat Shearer`s record!? I believe he will stay for the duration of his career and do a Ledley King but given his injury problems, catching Shearer is no guarantee. He will need to stay injury free and score 25 pl goals each season until he is 32 and still be first choice.

  3. Kane should give Poch at least equal credit. He has undoubtedly been treated as a golden boy (along with a few others) under Poch, who has sustained Kane’s status as a world star despite the occasional tarnishing — especially when Poch plays him when fresh back from injury. Everyone but Poch, it seems, knows that Kane is nowhere near himself for weeks after coming “fit”, but he is always played by Poch nonetheless no matter how unwarranted to preserve their special relationship, it has been explained. At what cost to the team?


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